A day

Hey guys wanted to try somethig new so i've written a few poems. Please tell me what you think about them. :)


1. A Day

   Believe in yourself, and there will come a day.

   A day of joy and happiness.

   That will fill your day.

   A day of fun and laughter too.

   A day where it'll only be about you.

   A day with no work, and yes of cause the cleaning too.

  A day where you will need to let go.

  Let go of all your troubles and doubts.

  There will come a day.

  Where all your dreams and wishes come true.

  You just need to believe in yourself.

  That the day is waiting for you.

  Waiting for the right time to fizzle and drop.

  And where you will smile and say.

  "This day has finally come."

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