Just A Small Town Girl

Bella and her brother, Max, are separated when their Dad kills their Mum. Even though they live in the same house, they haven't seen each other in five years. When Bella finds a way out and her brother does too, they run away. Blurb finished.


4. Giving Up

*Bella's P.O.V*

Okay, this Brit was whack. England? Seriously?

"Yes, seriously." He said chuckling.

Fuck. I said that out loud?!

"Yes you did." Max laughed. Max knew what I was doing. Harry didn't. As soon as Max said that, we both sprinted away. Unfortunately, Max was tall, and I was short. Harry quickly caught up to me and slung me over his shoulder, and then sprinted back. I wasn't stupid, though. I kicked him in the balls. He curled up in pain. 

"Cheerio governor, tell the queen I said hello!" I joked and then ran to Max.

"Nice one, sis." He said and we fist pumped. As we were walking away, a different British accent said, "I believe my friend wanted you to go with him?" And then everything went black.


Short chapters lead to long ones...

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