Was This Real ?

Anna just met the boys. She waited for this moment her whole life. She had terrible experiences with boys, so she never thought what could or would change in her life. Maybe that was the key to her love life.


16. What Now

Harry's P.O.V


I woke up and didn't saw Anna near me. My phone started to ring, and I hoped it was her. I got up and answer it. It was Gemma.

"Hey sis!" I said, sitting on the bed.

"Hey." She didn't sound very happy. Her voice was silent.

"Is something wrong ?" I asked conserned.

"Uhm, yeah. Are you-" I cutted her off.

"Is mom okay ? What happened Gemma, tell me!" I was almost yelling.

"Yeah, everyone is okay. But there's a girl here and she wants to talk to you."

"I can't right now. And why -" i heard some screams at the other line. 

"Oh my God, are you Harry Styles ?" I heard a feminine voice.  And she was screaming so loud!

"Uhm yeah. I'm really sorry, but-" she cut me off again.

"You know who I am ?" She asked, angry.

"No, sorry." 

"Of course you don't! That night meant nothing for you right ?" She started to scream again. She also screamed another few things, but I had just woken up, so I didn't pay much attention to what she said. I was just wondering where Anna was. This girl was anoying me and I had no idea what she was saying. But then I heard the word 'sex'.

"Wait, what ?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, you heard me right Styles. We had sex." She said, still screaming. Man, could she stop ?

"No we did not. I don't even know you."

"Of course you do! We met in New York. I'm Paige!" When she said her name I remembered. I invited some guys to go to one of my concerts in New Jersey, but they never liked my music, so they came, but soon got out. And Paige was backstage and tried to kiss me.

"We never had sex!" I repeated.

"Of course we did, you asshole!" 

"No we did not! I know what I did and what I didn't do. Now give me back to Gemma." I was done talking to her.

"No, I-" I cutted her off.

"Give the damn phone back to Gemma!" I screamed. She let a shout out, but gave the phone to Gemma. "What the hell was that ? And why are you with her ?" I asked my sister.

"She came here at our home and asked where you were. And then she demanded me to call you." She answered very quietly. I could hear her walking away from that girl.

"And why did you do that ?"

"She might have posted a picture in the internet. And I'm sure everyone saw it." Shit. What about Anna, where was she ? Did she leave me ? I had to know if she already knows! 

"Have you seen it ?" 

"Yeah. But don't worry, you both have clothes on." She said, trying to calm me down, but wasn't working.

"Don't worry ? Anna might have seen it! I have no idea where she is!" 

"Anna ? Oh, so you're together now ? Little bro, go look after her now! I can handle Paige." She said.

"Thank you Gemma!" I said hanging up and calling Anna. She quickly answered.

"Oh, you're awake!" She said in her beautiful voice.


Anna's P.O.V


"Uhm, yeah. Morning beautiful." He sounded weird.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Nothing. Just talked to my sister. Where -" 

"Is everything okay ?" I stopped walking. 

"Yeah, yeah. Everything is fine. Where are you ?" He asked changing the subject. What was wrong ?

"On my way home. I was at the grocery store." I started to walk again. 

"Oh, okay." He said. 

"And we're going to have Brunch with Ronia and Niall, okay ?"

"Ronia ?!" He asked confused.

"My friend. Okay, I'm coming home. See you in a few minutes." I said and hung up. Something was wrong. He wasn't talking much as he always did. 

I was still in a whatsapp group about One Direction. They we're always writing about them and stuff. I didn't said much, because they would freak out. So, when I was on my way home, I saw many and many messages about some girl. I was kinda wondering if it was me, hopefully not. I started to read everything and then a friend of mine sent a news article at the group. I quickly opened it and stopped as soon as I saw a picture of Harry and other girl. I read the article a few times. I could not believe it. Well, yeah, a part of me did, cause it's Harry Styles. He likes to flirt. And we're not officially together. So I wasn't mad at him. Just upset. I didn't thought that would happen so quickly after the words he said to me yesterday and what we did. I was almost at home, so I started to walk faster. I didn't know what to think. 

I opened the door, walked to the kitchen and started to put everything on the right places. And that's when Harry came downstairs, putting a shirt on. 

"Hey babe." He said pulling me into a hug. 

"Hey." I continued putting everything where it belong to. 

"So, when are we going to have Brunch with Niall and..."

"Ronia. At 1pm. You can stay here, pack your bags and look for an hotel for yourself." I said, with no emotion. He was sort of surprised and it was making me angry, that he was acting like nothing had happened. 

"Wait, what ? I thought I could stay here all week."

"Yeah, change of plans." I said putting the flour and the sugar on the upper shelf. Harry grabbed my arm.

"Anna, what's wrong ?" He asked, making me face him. 

"Nothing is wrong. Just change of plans, like I said." I was trying really hard to hold my tears back. I looked up, so they wouldn't just fall. I started to walk upstairs, but Harry grabbed my hand. 

"Anna, please tell me what's going on." I couldn't look at him and I knew if I would, my tears would fall. 

"Just find yourself a hotel, please." My voice was failing. 

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's wrong!" He said, making me turn to him and he held my other hand. One tear started to run down my cheek and he gently wiped it off with is thumb. "Please, don't cry. Don't be upset with me, just -"

"So you know the reason ? So it's true ?" Another tear fell.

"No. No. Of course not. But please, let me explain."

"I don't have time for that." I said, walking upstairs to my room to get some clothes and then to the bathroom. But Harry was on my bedroom door, not letting me go through. "Just find yourself a hotel." I said and tried to pass through him, successfully. A few tears fell, but I quickly put a smile on my face. I was done crying about boys. I took a shower, long enough to make the time pass by and Harry out of here, not that I wanted to, but I had no idea what to feel. I got out, hoping nobody was home. I walked in my room and Harry was still sitting there. His bag still messed up.

"I told you to go." I said and he looked up. 

"Please, let me explain."

"Harry, please. I have to think about everything. I'm not mad, actually, I have no idea what to feel. I just need some time alone, ok ?" Shit, I'm doing that again. Pushing people away. Maybe he will never come back, but if it's meant to be like that, it will be. 

"Just tell me when you're done thinking, okay ?" He said, got up and walked to his bag. He put quickly everything inside, grabbed the bag and walked to me. He stand there, in front of me. I looked down and took a step to the right, so that he could pass. He made me look at him, placing his hand under my chin. Then he cupped my cheek, pulled me closer and gave me a long, soft kiss. "I really do love you, okay ?" He whispered and walked outside. A few seconds later I heard the door closing. Well done, he'll never come back. 

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