Was This Real ?

Anna just met the boys. She waited for this moment her whole life. She had terrible experiences with boys, so she never thought what could or would change in her life. Maybe that was the key to her love life.


5. The Lunch

When we got there, some girls were on the streets and when they saw them, they started to run towards us and scream like never before. The boys, as lovely as always, gave some autographs and took some pictures with them. I smiled by the fact that they loved their fans so much. I mean, I was going out for lunch with them. 

Niall's P.O.V.

I saw Anna smiling at us. She was gorgeous when she randomly smiled. We got in and Paul almost didn't let the girls come in with us. I took Anna's waist and pulled her near me.

"They're with us, Paul." I smiled and looked at Liz to show Paul, that she was with us too. How couldn't he remember her? She was in the car with us. I looked down at Anna and she was staring me with her gorgeous brown eyes. I couldn't help, but smile. We got in and a woman explained us how this restaurant worked. It was like a self service. I took the menu and started to read it very carefully. When it came to food, I was out of the world. As soon as I found something, I noticed Anna was still on my side. I smiled, because she stayed there. Like she wasn't ashamed, or something else, like most girls did to me. 

"I'll have some pasta. And you ?" Anna asked, looking up to me. 

"So do I." She smiled, and took my hand. We went to the line for the pasta. Liam and Louis were already there waiting. Harry, Zayn and Liz were at the Pizza line. It didn't took that long to get our food ready and it smelled so good. I bet I would get some more later. We sat at a table and started eating. Oh my god, was this delicious.

"Good choice Anna!" Liam said not taking his eyes off his plate. Harry and Zayn nodded with their mouth full of pizza.

"It's my dads and mine favorite restaurant in Bremen."

"Where's Bremen ?" I asked curiously.

"Uhm, it's a small city. One and half an hour from here. Maybe two."

"So, you came here just for us ?" Harry asked.

"Yeah.. I think so." She smiled at Harry. I was a little bit jealous, but she was beside me. That made the jealousy go away really quick.

"And what about you Liz ?" Zayn asked looking at her.

"I'm with my exchange family. They live in Ahrensburg. With the train, it's just a half hour ride." She answered not taking her eyes off Zayn. 

"So, where are you girls staying ?" I asked, wondering if they could spent the night with us. Uhm, not in that way. 

"My grandparents live here. And if they weren't here, I could stay at the house from my dads girlfriend." Anna said. She took a napkin and reached my face.

"You got something there." She smiled and wiped some red sauce from my cheek. Harry coughed, but I knew it was fake. He wanted to interrupt us. I glared at him, a little bit angry. We were done and heading to the cashier. I really loved this restaurant. It was maybe the second best one after Nando's. Anna was taking her money out of her wallet, but I demand to pay for her. She smiled and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Oh man, that felt really good. I bet it would feel way better if her lips touched mine. 

"Thank you Nialler."

"Do you wanna go for a walk ?" I asked her, almost losing myself in her perfect eyes.

"Yeah, sure." 

"Uhm, guys, we're going for a walk." I could tell Harry was a little bit angry, but I mean, he can get any girl he wants. 

"Niall, that was my idea first!" Zayn shouted. I looked at him confused, but then I realized he was taking Liz for a walk. 

"Haha, sorry mate." 

"Well, then we'll buy some things for the family, right lads ?" Louis said, looking at Harry and Liam. Harry put his arm on Louis shoulder and agreed. We separated and walked our own directions.

"Do you know any park around here ?" She asked me.

"Uhm, no. But I'm sure we'll find one." 

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