Was This Real ?

Anna just met the boys. She waited for this moment her whole life. She had terrible experiences with boys, so she never thought what could or would change in her life. Maybe that was the key to her love life.


11. New One

Niall's P.O.V.

After Anna took a shower, she lay on my bed and probably fell asleep while I was taking a shower. When I came back, I lay next to her and watched her, quietly, as she slept. She looked so beautiful when she was sleeping. I surely felt something for her, but not the way as before. I don't know why, but I look at her like a best friend. Maybe she isn't my princess. Maybe somebody else is. But I will find her. That wouldn't be a problem. I had to find out, how to tell Anna about it. Will she be very upset or would she understand ? 

She moved a little bit, said some words I could barely understand. I put her hair behind her ear, as I always did. She came closer to me, I wrapped my arms around her and let myself fall asleep. 

"Babe, wake up. I'm hungryyyy!!!" I heard her whispering. I opened my eyes, looked at her and thought again what I thought last night. I had to tell her. 

"I'll make you breakfast, and then I have to talk to you, okay ?"

"Okiees!" She jumped out of the bed, and I had to laugh. How could someone be so happy in the morning ? I went to the kitchen, took some things out to make her breakfast, while she sat in the chair untangling her hair. "So, what did you wanted to talk about ?" She asked and I started to look for the right words.

"Uhm, I have no idea how to say this. It's kinda difficult, but I have to let you know. I'm really sorry, but I can't continue this anymore." I put the fork down, that I was using to make scrambled eggs, and took a deep breath. She was really quiet. Was she still there ? Suddenly I felt her arms around me. I turned around, and wrapped my arms around her. 

"Niall, I noticed that yesterday. Maybe we're not meant to be together. But I still want to be friends with you, if that's okay. Because I couldn't be able to lose someone like you. It's always fun to be around you. And I'm sure, you'll find someone. And I think I know someone you might like." Wow, I wasn't expecting this reaction from her, but luckily she didn't took it to personal or something like that. "But you still have to make breakfast for me!" She said pointing a finger at the raw eggs and I had to laugh. I turned back to the stove and finished doing her breakfast. She ate it pretty fast.

"Whoa, slow down !" She had just bitten her toast and looked up at me. I laughed and then she threw a piece of her eggs at me. "You don't want to start again, do you ?"

"Well, I would love to, but I have things to do today. And I'm sure I would beat your ass." She smiled and took a sip of orange juice. 

"We'll do a round two maybe next time. And only for your information, no one beats Horan !" I said, got up from my chair, and slapped my own ass, only to make her laugh. And she almost choked and that made me laugh a lot. We were sitting there, laughing so hard, tears were falling from our eyes. I heard my cellphone ringing in my room, so I excused myself, got up, wiped the laugh tears and walked to the room, answering the call. It was Liam.

"Hey mate, what's up ?" I said, hoping I didn't answer too late.

"Hi ! Uhm, Harry wants to visit Anna, because he's missing her so badly. Are you with her right now ?" I walked over to the door and closed it, hoping she wouldn't listen.

"She's in the kitchen."

"Okay, but first, how's between you two ?" He asked.

"Oh, we're not seeing each other anymore. I mean, she's here right now, but today we talked about it, and we're not meant for each other. We're still good friends and stuff."

"I'm so sorry." He said, feeling sorry. But he shouldn't.

"It's okay. She took it pretty well actually. Everything's good."

"Oh, okay. Uhm, back to Harry. He'll take a flight in about one hour and he wanted to make sure, that when he gets there, she'll be with you or something - wait, hold on a sec." Someone interrupted him. "He just said that she could be at home too. And was wondering if you could give him her address. He said hello, and he would talk to you, but he's packing his bags, 'cause he'll stay there the whole week. And then we'll catch up."

"Oh, okay. Say I'll text him when I know. I may take her home and then we'll see."

"Good. Uhm, yeah, that's it. See ya, mate."

"See ya." I hung up and went back to the kitchen, where Anna was already washing the dishes. "You didn't have to do this." I said, and walked to her, taking a plate out of her hand. We were quite close. I could feel her breath, and I couldn't resist. I had to kiss her. I put the plate on the sink, placed my hands on her face.

"Your hand is wet." She whispered.

"Sorry." I didn't had to move much, and we we're already touching our lips. We weren't together anymore, but I had to give her a last kiss. And that felt the right moment. Her hand was in my hair and the other holding my arm. 

"Uhm Niall..." She said inbetween our kiss.

"Yeah ?" I couldn't stop.

"I know someone you could do this all day. I could call her -" I backed off a little bit.

"Uhm, yeah, sure. Sorry. I just felt I had to give you a last kiss." She giggled and gave me one last kiss. But this time a quick one.

"It felt right. Uhm, I could call this friend and maybe you two could get to know each other." She grabbed her phone and texted her, I guess.

"Yeah. Give me her number too. Oh, and your address too!" I almost forgot that Harry was coming for her. 

"My address ?" She looked up to me, but quickly back to her phone when it vibrated. 

"Uhm, yeah. I'll take you." She smiled

"You don't have to, Nialler. I can walk too." She giggled. "Thank you. But I'll give it to you, so you can send me some chocolate or snacks from where ever you are." She was still smiling and left the kitchen.

"Where are you going ?"

"Do you want my address or not ? I'm sure you can't remember it!" She shouted. "And I have to pack my stuff and go home. Or my dad will get pissed."

"And what about your friends number ?" I asked.

"Oh, Nialler can't wait to meet her." She laughed and I felt my cheek turning red, but luckily, she couldn't see it. She texted me her number. Ronia. I already liked her name. "Uhm, can you call her? I have no idea where you two could meet."

"Uhm, yeah sure. Can I call her now ?" She got back in the kitchen, gave me a piece of paper with her address.

"Can't you wait until I'm gone ? We hardly broke up and you're already with another one. Oh God! I can't handle it anymore." She joked and started to laugh. At first I was shocked, but I knew she was only joking. 

"That's not what it seems, babe." I played along.

"Shush. Don't say anything else! I'm leaving." She said and walked to the door.

"Please! " I said, trying to make a sad face, but she was also laughing, so it was hard not to laugh. She opened the door, got out, but came back in, laughing hard. 

"That's why I don't want to lose you!" She said and gave me a hug. 

"I don't want to lose you too." I gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"We will still see each other right ?" She asked and I nodded. 

"If everything goes right, I'll stay here for the week." She squealed and gave me a hug. 

"Then, see ya!" She messed my hair up and left. I quickly texted Harry her address and called her friend Ronia. A sweet voice answered the phone. 

"Hi. It's Niall here." I heard a loud squeal at the other line.

"Oh. My. God. Niall Horan ?" She was almost out of breath.

"The one and only. So -" And we talked.

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