Was This Real ?

Anna just met the boys. She waited for this moment her whole life. She had terrible experiences with boys, so she never thought what could or would change in her life. Maybe that was the key to her love life.


2. Meet & Greet

I couldn't believe my eyes. They were right in front of me. I couldn't stop smiling. I was shaking too. Suddenly Niall opened his arms, looking for a hug. I ran to him and hugged him as thigh as I could, but he was obviously stronger than me. I could feel his arms around me, his warm breath. I didn't want to let it go. But I had to. I hugged every single one of them, trying to memorize their smells, and feeling their arms around me. It was just perfect and I would fangirl about it every single day. 

"So, what's your names ?" Liam asked looking at us.

"I am Anna" I said smiling at him

"And I'm Liz" Liz said looking at Zayn like she never saw a boy before. They started to ask some questions about us and we answered separately. There was one photographer taking pictures of us and one guy filming the whole conversation. My father promised us that, luckily, so that we could remember it all perfectly. The 2 hours passed really fast, and they had to start preparing for the concert. They asked if we wanted to see the dressing room and then we could go to our seats. We started walking and Louis was telling some random jokes. Everyone was laughing, it was amazing. We got in and saw a big room. Lou Teasdale and her daughter Lux were in there. I couldn't help, but go straight for Lux. She smiled as the boys came in. I wanted to hug her, but I'm sure she would be really scared and would start to cry. Harry came near me, took Lux and noticed that I wanted to hold her. 

"Do you wanna hold her for a little bit?" He asked me almost passing Lux.

"Oh, no. I'm sure she won't like it.."

"Why wouldn't she ?" As he said it, Lux pointed her arms in my direction.

"You see?" I held Lux and she started playing with my hair. The management came and said that we should leave, so that they could get ready. I gave Lux to Lou, we said our goodbyes and walked out the door. 

"Zayn was quite checking you out" I said to my friend, winking at her. She blushed and smiled looking down.


Niall P.O.V.

As I saw her going out the door, I felt like something of mine was leaving me. I wanted her to stay here with me. I lay on the couch and started reading some random magazine.

"Mate, what's wrong ? We have to get ready.." Harry shouted. 

"Is she going to see us ?" I asked looking at the boys around the room.

"Who ?" Zayn asked. 

"Anna." I answered looking shyly back to the magazine. Liam sat next to me. He knew I found her quite attractive. But as she left, I knew it was more than just attractive.

"Write your number down. Now!" He said giving me a pen and ripping a white piece of the paper magazine off. I wrote it quickly down wondering what he would do with it. He ran outside the door.


Anna P.O.V.

We were walking down the hall and talking about the last 2 hours. It was just perfect. Suddenly I felt somebody tapping my shoulder. I turned around and saw Liam there. 

"Here, for you." He gave me a little piece of paper with a number on it. When I opened my mouth to ask what it was, he was already running back to the dressing room. 

"What a hell ?!?" I asked myself showing the paper to Liz. 

"It's a phone number. Or it looks like one. Give me your phone." I took my phone out of my bag and gave it to her. She dialed the number, but no one answered. 

"Send a text." I suggested. 

"Good idea! But let's do it after we find our seats." We found it. I remembered the first time I was here to see the boys. I smiled like an idiot. This time I was right in the front. I know, Meet & Greet, seats in the front. What every directioner dreams of. But who said my family paid it ? I had to work a lot. But really, really worth it. 


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