Was This Real ?

Anna just met the boys. She waited for this moment her whole life. She had terrible experiences with boys, so she never thought what could or would change in her life. Maybe that was the key to her love life.


9. Going Back


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Anna's P.O.V.

"I'll call you later." I heard him saying, looked back at him and smiled. As soon as I got in Liz started to scream. 

"Oh my God! You and Niall kissed !!!!!! Tell me more about it. Oh God, I can't believe it." I laughed as she freaked out about me and Niall's kiss. 

"Yeah, yeah. But what about you and Zayn ? I can see some chemistry between you two. The whole day was like that." I asked her in return, smiling. Everything was going pretty fast. But I kinda liked it that way. When we got in my grandpa had prepared the table for the dinner. Liz and I sat down after greeting my grandparents. We ate our bread, helped cleaning a little bit and prepared ourselves to go to bed. I looked at my phone for the first time after we got home. I had two texts. From: Nialler x hey babe, already miss you ! From: Hazza x little sis, come back to us ! we miss yoooou. I smiled and replied both. To: Nialler x miss you too. wish you could be here right now with me. To: Hazza x miss you too ! but I have to go back home tomorrow :(. I put my phone on the charger and lay in my bed. As soon as I pull the blanket over my body, I fell asleep. 

I wake up with my phone ringing. Again. I hoped it would be Niall, but it was my dad. I answered the phone call and he said I could take the train at night, if I woke up early the next morning. Of course I told him yes, so that I could spent time with Niall. We hang up and Harry sent me a message. From: Hazza x oh.. but we should definitely do something together ! ' It was from yesterday. I wondered why Niall hadn't answer me yet.


Nialls' P.O.V.

After I got Anna's text, Harry came into my room and sat in front of me. I looked up with a big grin on my face, that I already tried to take it off when he came in, but it was difficult. He looked serious.

"Niall, can I talk to you for a sec ?" He asked, looking at Liam and Zayn. They got the message and left the room, before I could answer. 

"What's up ?" I asked him, still smiling. He looked at his phone, sent a message to someone and looked back at me. 

" I want to talk to you about Anna." I looked at him confused, why the hell would he want to talk to me about her. "Well, I know how you both feel for each other, and I don't want her to get hurt. I know it sounds weird, but I really like her." I listened very carefully and clenched my fist when he said he liked her. And he noticed it. "Oh, wait. Not THAT way. Not like you do. She is like a little sister for me, so if you hurt her, I will get back to you mate." He says pointing his finger at me. I was relieved, that he meant other way of liking her. And I would never hurt her. 

"I would never hurt her. Ever." I said, looking at him. He smiled at me and got up. I lay on my bed and closed my eyes. I heard him leaving the room.

"I hope you don't." He said and closed his door behind him.

I woke up the next morning and unlocked my phone to see what time it was. It opened at Anna's text, and I forgot to answer it. I quickly call her, hoping she would pick up. Shit, voice mail. I tried calling her again, but again, went straight to the voice mail.

"Shit !" I shouted, forgetting that Liam and Zayn were still sleeping. Liam woke up and looked around with his eyes half closed. "Sorry mate." I whisper and he lays back. I went to the hallway and looked my cellphone several times. I started to write a text, but I got a call from her. 

"Oh babe, good morning !" I quickly answer. 

"Good morning. I wanted to say that I'm just leaving at night, so.." I didn't let her finish her sentence.

"We could do something together. I mean, we will. If you want to." I said quickly and could hear her laughing. 

"I would loooove to." I heard her saying and I smiled.

"I could pick you up in one hour if you want." I suggested.

"That would be great. And could you take Liz too ? She's leaving a little bit earlier. Or you could ask Zayn to do it."

"I'll wake him up, and I'm absolutely sure he'll do it, but I'll text you, okay ?"

"Okay babe. So, see you later." I smiled and could tell she was smiling too.

"See you soon" I hung up and went back in the room. I woke Zayn up and said he should pick Liz up for their last day. I went downstairs to have breakfast and saw Harry and Louis sitting at a table. I join them, but not for long. I took two breads to eat on the way and got up. 

"Where are you going ?" Harry asked, when I was almost at the door.

"Uhm, meeting Anna. It's her last day here." I answered quickly.

"Could you bring her later ?" 

"Yeah. I could do that."

"Thanks mate." I went back to my room and Zayn was on his way. I quickly text Anna, like I said I would do. And I add, that I would be there in about twenty minutes. I still had no idea what we could do. I took a quick shower, put some clothes on and said goodbye to Liam, who's still sleeping. 

When I get there, I text her saying I'm already there. I didn't wait that long, and she was coming to the car. She opened the door, sit next to me and gave e a quick kiss on my cheek. I smile, put my hand on her neck and gave her to a proper kiss. 

"Hey" I say, still close to her face. She smiles and gave me a quick kiss.

"Hi" She whispered, but I could hear her perfectly. "So, what are we doing today ?" She asks and puts her seat belt on. 

"We could go shopping and then Harry wants to see you, so we'll go for a few hours to the hotel."

"Okay. Oh, and if it's not a problem, could you take me to the train station ? My grandparents aren't feeling very well." She looks down, looking a little bit sad. I put my hand over hers.

"It would be a pleasure." She looks up and smiles. We talk the whole ride, knowing each other more and more. When we arrived, some fans were already waiting. I looked at her and she smiled. We got out, I placed my arm around her waist. Some fans asked for pictures and autographs, and I could just say yes. I knew Anna wouldn't have a problem with it, because she started to talk to some fans too. I took Anna's hand, she said goodbye, or I think it was a goodbye and we walked in. She went straight to the girls section, dragging me there too and started looking for some clothes. I smiled by the fact that she was really happy about it. Suddenly she looked at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She whispers and look down.

"Sorry for what ?" I ask, placing my hand under her chin and making her look at me.

"I thought you wanted to see things for you."

"We're together, right ?" I said.


"That's the only thing I wanted." She smiled and I smiled back. I wanted to kiss her, but everyone could see us, so I decided not right now. We spent a couple hours shopping. I bought her a bracelet and a ring she loved. She didn't stop thanking me, which I found cute. We drove to the hotel and got upstairs to my room. Everyone was there, except Liam. Was he still sleeping ? As soon as I open the door, Harry looks back and sees Anna. In a second he's wrapping his arms around her. We all just stayed there and talked. 

"Where's Liam ?" Anna asked.

"He's driving to my uncle's, so they'll come here for a few hours." Harry answered her.

"Why didn't you go ?" She asked back.

"Uhm, I wanted to wait for you. And he would stay all day in bed if he could." He laughed and she joined him. I took her hand and gave a small kiss. She turns her head to me and kissed me.

"Oh please, not here." I heard Louis whining. She laughed and I turn to face him.

"So, you and Eleanor can, but we can't ?" I asked, trying to be serious.

"It's different Nialler, it's different." He answered and we heard the door opening. Harry got up and greet his aunt, uncle and I think it's his cousin. Well, yeah, that's what he said. Cousin. 

"I want you to meet someone. She lives in Germany too." He points at Anna and she gets up. She walks over to them, and I go right behind her. She was talking with Harry's uncle, when his cousin squeals my name. She walked over to me and gave me a big hug. I saw that Anna turned around and wasn't very happy, but she quickly turned back to talk to them. We were there for about one hour, when Anna came to me.

"Nialler, can we go back and take my bags ? I have to leave in less than one hour. And I said to Liz, that I'll meet her at my grandparents." I nodded and she took my hand. She gave Louis and Liam a hug, said goodbye to Harry's family, and at last, gave Harry a kiss on his cheek. He whispers something in her ear and she laughs. What was it with them ?

We drove to her grandparents house, she took her suitcase and she came with Liz down. Zayn's car was in front of mine. They said their goodbyes, hugging each other. She quickly goes to Zayn's car and said goodbye. After all, she comes back in my car and we drive to the train station. 

"You can stay in the car. My train will be here in a few minutes." She says, leaning at me. 

"But I'm coming with you" I said, placing a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"No, you're not. Everyone will notice you. And I don't think you'll be able to come back to your car." She was right. As bad as I wanted to go with her, I agreed staying in the car. I went closer to her, putting my forehead on hers. I kissed her slowly, never wanting for that moment to end. 

"I have to go." She said, but still very close to me.

"I don't want to let you go." I took her hand and intertwined our fingers. She smiles, places her other hand in my hair and pulls me close. Wow, that was hot. I kissed her one more time and she got out of the car with her bag. She turns around and waves one more time. And then she disappeared in the crowd.

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