Was This Real ?

Anna just met the boys. She waited for this moment her whole life. She had terrible experiences with boys, so she never thought what could or would change in her life. Maybe that was the key to her love life.


7. Brother & Sister

Harry's P.O.V.

I don't know why, but I was a little bit angry, that Niall was that close to Anna. I mean, I don't even know her that well. But I had that urge to protect her. But why was this happening to me? I noticed she was staring at me, looking weird, but cute. I smiled at her, she looked shocked now, but she smiled back. I tried to figure it out what she was thinking, but I soon gave up. 

"Where's Zayn and Liz ?" Niall asked. 

"Uhm, they went for a walk to." Anna answered and laughed. 

"Yeah, I know. But should we look for them or..." Niall replied, but Anna interrupted.

"Well, we have to be back at home at 11 pm. What time is it now ?" I looked to my watch and answered her.

"It's almost six o' clock." She smiled at me.

"We could let them alone for a few more hours. So, what are you guys up to?"

"I'm kinda tired. We could all go to our hotel and sent Zayn a text saying that they should come back before 10 pm." Liam suggested. Everyone agreed and we headed back to the hotel. I could now talk a little bit alone with Anna. 

When we got there, Niall went to his room to take a shower, so I could talk to her. 

"So, do you wanna go for a walk ?" I asked wanting her to say yes.

"Uhm, not really." Oh, I hadn't expect that answer from her."But we can go to the lobby and talk there." She said smiling at me and I was glad she suggested that. I guess she was tired from the walking. We went down to the lobby and sat in some comfortable couch. I said some things about me, but actually wanting to know more about her. I felt like I had to protect her in some way. Not that she needed it, but I didn't want anyone to break her little fragile heart. By the things she told me, I knew she was strong and could handle many things, but at some point, it wouldn't be like that anymore. I felt like she was my little sister.


Anna's P.O.V.

I really like to talk with Harry. Like with Niall, I felt like I could tell him anything. But more like brother and sister. I really loved the way he listened to me. He sat there, leaning on his knees, holding his hands, paying attention very carefully to every word I said to him. It was really nice talking to him.

"It feels good talking to you Harry." I said smiling at him. He put one hand on my knee and smiled back.

"I know it will sound very awkward, but I really mean it. I have this feeling to protect you. From what you told me, I know you're strong, can handle anything. And I don't want that to change." He tried to find the right words to say it, so that it wouldn't sound too awkward, and he did a good job, I think. I smiled and gave him a hug. 

"Thanks Harry. I've always wanted a big brother, and now I have one." I smiled and hoped that's what he meant by protecting me. Like a little sister. He laughed and I guess we we're thinking the same way. 

Suddenly I saw Liz and Zayn coming in, so Harry and I got up and went to join, or better said, disturb them. 

"Oh, hey guys! " Zayn said with a big smile on his face. They were holding hands, so I guess something was going on between them. How cute.

"Hey. Let's go upstairs and join the lads. I think we still have a couple more hours with the girls" Harry said behind me.


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