Once Upon a New York Night

Do you ever feel like you mean nothing? Like you don’t feel wanted by anyone? Like the world would be better off without you? I’m Carry and I am 17 years old and well, that’s how I have felt ever since my mom died and my dad started beating me every day. I was on the verge of ending it all. Leaving this world for good. But everything changed when I ran away to New York with my 2 best friends. I would have never thought I would feel like I was special to someone, like someone would truly like me for me. I never knew I would find love in the heart of the big apple.


5. You Saved Me

Mone’s P.O.V.


God this girl is crazy. I thought to myself  as I saw Carry scream HELLLOOO NEW YORK in the middle of times square. I mean seriously who does that? I couldn’t help but start laughing as she turned around and looked at me with this stupid smile on her face. I had never seen this girl so happy in all the years I had known her. She was always quiet and reserved and now I am seeing the real her.  The happy fun going best friend that I hadn’t seen since before her mom died and I couldn’t have been happier to have her back. Btu this all changed as soon as I saw the figure walking up to her. He looked very familiar…


Carry’s P.O.V.


 I have never felt this happy in my entire life. As I look around at the beautiful sights around me I only get happier. It’s like New York was meant to have me here, like this is where I was meant to be. I was taking in the beautiful sights when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and came face to face with my worst nightmare… My dad.


“Thought I wouldn’t find you huh? Thought you could get away easily? Well guess what? I found you and now you’re coming back with me.” I was frozen in place. I couldn’t go back. I can’t, if I do I’m in big trouble. I have to do something, say something.


“No.” I said as I yanked my arm away. “You don’t own me anymore. I left. You can’t hurt me anymore.” I looked straight into his eyes as I said the last sentence. I was serious I wasn’t going to let him control me anymore. But he had a different idea.


“You are coming with me whether you like it or not. You didn’t leave you RAN AWAY which is pretty much illegal.” He spat at me through gritted teeth as a smirk spread across his face.


“Well you beating me is illegal!” As soon  as I said those words I regretted them as my dad pulled me behind to the nearest ally.


“I will show you a beating.” He said as he began to punch and kick me to the point where I was nothing more than a broken girl laying on the cold hard ally ground but he didn’t stop. All I could think was if someone didn’t help me soon he was going to beat me to death right here right now. Then I heard something. Footsteps.


“Hey! What the hell do you think your doing!” I heard a male voice scream at my father. But something about it wasn’t normal…


“Louis mate where did yo- Hey get him off of her!” That’s it! They all had British accents. Strange. I heard two more British boys and an Irish one all come running and yelling in the direction of my dad. I felt a pause in the blows coming from my father as he addressed the boys.


“Who the hell do you think you are? Go away, this is nothing of your concern.” My dad growled at them.


“I’m Louis and this is our concern because your beating the life out of a girl.” The boy, Louis, said in a challenging voice.


“She’s my daughter and I can do whatever I want to her now leave.” My father said as he turned back to me and raised his fist sending a hard blow to my head and everything went black.




I woke up with a roaring headache and an aching body. How long was I out? What happened to those boys? What about my dad? I heard that British voice that belonged to the boy that challenged my dad and I slowly opened my eyes.


“L-Louis?” I asked to nobody in particular and before I knew it a very attractive boy with crazy brown hair and beautiful blue-green eyed rushed over to my side.


“Yes love. I’m here what do you need?” he spoke softly never breaking eye contact as I started to cry. He pulled me to his chest as I wrapped my arms around him. “Ssh Ssh love its ok. Everything is going to be better now, I promise. He can’t hurt you anymore.”


“Oh Louis thank you so much. I would have died there if you and the others hadn’t have showed up.” I slowed my crying until it was just tears trickling down my cheeks before I spoke again. “Speaking of the others umm where are they? I wanna meet them to, if that’s ok.”


“No problem love give me 5 minutes to round them all up. They have all been worried about you… especially Harry.” He he smirked and wiggled his eye brows before walking out the door to meet the boys. I decided to take this as a good opportunity to think. These boys seemed so familiar. Like I had met them or seen them before but I couldn’t put my finger on it and it was driving me crazy. I was so lost in thought didn’t realize Louis had re-entered my room until he put his hand on my shoulder.


“Carry I would like you to meet Liam, Niall, Zayn, and last but not least Harry.” Oh. My. God. I could barely breathe.


“Y-You a-are ONE DIRECTION! Holy crap. Sorry I got a little carried away.” I blushed a little bit and turned away.


“I see your a fan.” Zayn said in his Bradford accent as he gingerly picked up my wrist and played with my bracelets. I had a thick rubber one, a watch, and four little rubber bracelets all decorated with their names and I Love One Direction. I blushed more.


“Yeah I’m a big fan. You guys are amazing. Thank you.” I played with my bracelets as I said the last two words. They all looked at me…confused.


“Wait why?” Niall looked the most confused, poor special snowflake ;)


“Well, even before last night you guys saved my life multiple times.” I looked at their faces as their emotions turned to concern.


“What do you mean love?” Liam walked over to me standing beside my bed and the others soon followed.


“Well my entire life since my mom died has been full of questions like Am I worth it? Do I really matter? Would everyone be happier if I was gone? And a bunch of times I would think about ending it all. And to be honest I still think about that sometimes. But one day I actually was gonna go through it. I had the pills ready to go when I heard a song come on the radio. It had a catchy tune and I stopped for a moment to listen. It was What Makes You Beautiful by the second verses I had thrown the pills across the room and I was on the ground crying. The song had brought me to tears. For the first time since my mom died I had hope. You saved my life.” I was crying by the time I finished and I heard the door opening. Mone and Janae came in with wet eyes and they slowly made their way over to my bed. They both gave me a hug and soon the boys joined in so we were one giant group hug. I smiled in the hug feeling loved and cared for. Yep I could get used to this.



Omg I love this chapter! so the boys are now in what do you guys think? I hope you all love my story so far. Please comment, favorite, like, and tell your friends about this story. I am open to any comments you might have on my story so don’t be afraid to say something. Sorry its so short, i like to call it simple but effective. haha


Much Love, Caroline

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