Once Upon a New York Night

Do you ever feel like you mean nothing? Like you don’t feel wanted by anyone? Like the world would be better off without you? I’m Carry and I am 17 years old and well, that’s how I have felt ever since my mom died and my dad started beating me every day. I was on the verge of ending it all. Leaving this world for good. But everything changed when I ran away to New York with my 2 best friends. I would have never thought I would feel like I was special to someone, like someone would truly like me for me. I never knew I would find love in the heart of the big apple.


2. So What Do i Do?

Carry’s P.O.V.

When I got home I went straight to my room not even stopping to see if my dad was passed out on the couch like I normally do. I took the stairs two by two and shut my door as I took out my phone seeing two text messages from my best friends.

‘Mone: Hey are you gonna actually tell us what happened or just make up flimsy stories?’

‘Janae: Hey girl Hey! I hope your ok you seemed pretty banged up, I’m excited to hear what you gotta tell us. It must be important since we gotta sneak out to talk about it. LOL’

I decided to reply to Mones text message first since she seemed really upset about what happened. I cant even explain how bad I feel about lying to my best friends. What is wrong with me? Ugh.

‘Me: Hey I’m really sorry about today but I promise I will explain every little detail tonight when I see you guys. Please don’t be mad its just really complicated and I will clear everything up tonight.’ 

‘Mone: Its ok I’m just worried about you, you are really bruised up. Just no more lies after tonight ok?’

‘Me: Ok.’

‘Mone: Promise?’

‘Me: Pinky Promise. I gotta go do homework if I miss one more assignment I’m dead!’

‘Mone: LOL ok get ‘er done!’

I laughed to myself after reading her last message and locked my phone. I turned to my desk and pulled out my chemistry text book to get started on my 12 pages of homework. “Why cant my teachers just give me a page or two? I mean seriously 12 damn pages? Ugh. This is gonna take forever.” I said to myself before checking my clock and opening my book to get to work at exactly 5:06 pm.


By the time I finished my homework it’s already 9:45. “God that took longer than I planned.” I closed my computer and stood up from my desk just in time for my dad to bust through the door with angry bloodshot eyes and a beer in hand.

“Where the hell have you been all night!” he screamed at me with anger in his voice. “I looked all over for you!”

“I-I was in here all night doing my homework.” I managed to choke out.

“Oh really?” he sarcastically said to me as a smirk spread across his face.

“Yes s-sir I promise I came straight home.” I looked at the ground trying to keep from making eye contact with him, but that was soon changed as he grabbed my chin forcing me to look in his eyes.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you.” He spat as he tightened his grip on my face until I was squirming in pain. Goodness he has a tight grip.

“Y-Your hurting me.” I said weakly as my father looked down at me.

“This is nothing compared to what I am about to do.” He raised his fist and everything got dark.


I woke up on my floor sore, tired, and had no idea how long I had been knocked out. I looked around to make sure my dad was gine and I slowly stood to my feet and walked to my bathroom to examine the damage. There was no blood this time but I was more bruised then I had ever been in my entire life. Then it dawned on me, “Crap I gotta meet the girls!” I ran to my phone that was still sitting on my desk where I had left it and read the time 12:08. “Shit!” I mumbled to myself as I grabbed my pre-packed bag with everything I need in case of an emergency including food, water, snacks, money, head phones, and phone charger. I peeked outside my bedroom making sure the coast was cleared and backed in slowly closing door and turning to my window. I looked out and saw nothing outside but darkness so I unlocked the window and slowly pulled myself onto the sliver of roof outside my window. I closed my window behind me leaving it open a crack and then looked to the ground below. “Ok this is kinda high.” I said to myself “Oh suck it up.” I said to myself. I took deep breath and jumped.

I hit the ground with a load thud but was up and running faster than you could say RUN! I ran faster than I ever had in my entire life and made it too the meeting place in less than 10 minutes. As I approached the corner I saw Janae sitting on the ground and Mone pacing back and forth.

“Hey guys sorry I’m sorry I’m late something came up.” I said as I ran up to my best friends.

“Does that something have to do with the fresh bruises?” Mone looked at my with a worried expression and Janae moved to join us and looked up at me with sad eyes.

“umm yeah” I replied looking at the ground.

“You gonna explain?” Janae said in a small worried voice.

“Yes, its time you guys know. It all started when my mom died 3 weeks before I started 1st grade. She was on her way home from work when an 18 wheeler ran a red light and hit her side of the car. She was killed on impact and me and my father were devastated. He turned to drinking to help with the pain. It went from one beer a night to almost a twelve pack a day. He got angrier and angrier as time went on and soon he started to take his frustration. It started with him just yelling then it escaladed to him slapping me and then now where he ruthlessly beats me. Sometimes I have to miss school the injuries are so bad and I had to go to the hospital twice. Once for stitches and the other time was for when he broke my arm. And now the beatings are gradually getting worse.” I took a shaky breath as I let a single tear fall. My best friends just sat there speechless with watery eyes for a good minute or two. Mone was the first to say something.

“You have to tell someone.”  She simply stated looking at the ground.

“I ca-“ before I could finish Janae cut me off.

“No you have to no excuses, if you stay there your dad is gonna end up killing you.” She was getting upset, I could tell by her voice.

“I can’t my dad will beat me to death before the authorities can get there.” I couldn’t control the sobs escaping my lips as I lowered myself to the cold ground.

“You can’t stay there with him. We wont let you.” Mone sat beside me on the side of the road and comforted me while Janae paced back in forth in front of us.

“So what do I do?” I asked desperate for a way to not go back to the hell I call home.

We sat in silence for a few moments before Janae stopped pacing and looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Run away.”


Ooooo Cliff hanger. Haha I will do my best to update everyday on this story so yeah. Please comment what you think and spread the word to your friends I would really appreciate it!

XoXo Caroline


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