Once Upon a New York Night

Do you ever feel like you mean nothing? Like you don’t feel wanted by anyone? Like the world would be better off without you? I’m Carry and I am 17 years old and well, that’s how I have felt ever since my mom died and my dad started beating me every day. I was on the verge of ending it all. Leaving this world for good. But everything changed when I ran away to New York with my 2 best friends. I would have never thought I would feel like I was special to someone, like someone would truly like me for me. I never knew I would find love in the heart of the big apple.


6. Not Done Yet... Sorry!

I went home a week later and by home I mean Janaes uncles apartment. Every day I was in the hospital I always had someone by my side. Normally it was Janae, Mone, or one of the boys. Me and Louis became best friends almost immediately. He was so funny, kind, smart, caring and cute. He was everything to me. he cares so much and its been what? 7 maybe 8 days? It’s like he’s my second half, like fate brought us together.


“Carry? Oh Carry? Where are you Carry?” I heard Louis’ voice coming from the other side of the door. I quickly ducked under the covers trying to suppress my giggles as I heard the door open. “Oh no! Carry’s gone!” I heard him break down in fake sobs and soon I was crushed by something… huge.


“Oh my god!” I screamed as I threw the covers off my head to see Louis and his big booty self sitting on me fake sobbing. “Boobear get your fat ass off of me!” I screamed as I tried to get out from under him as his sobs continued.


“Its like I can still hear her voice!” he sobbed harder.


“Louis its me Carry! Get ooooooooooooooff!” he stopped sobbing and looked at me with wide eyes.


“Oh Carry!” Louis threw himself on top of me and started to cover my face in big sloppy wet kisses. It almost reminded me of a dog. “I was worried sick about you don’t ever do that again! Bad girl bad.” Louis gave me an angry look and I broke out the puppy dog eyes.


“B-but Boobear I was just playing. Don’t be mad at me. I sowwy.” Louis looked at me and his frown slowly melted away into a smile. I lay there thinking to myself, ‘How come I’m so lucky to have found him. He’s truly my best guy friend.’ My thoughts were interrupted by someone walking into my room.


“Oh my god. Sorry. Didn't know I was interrupting anything.” I heard the Irish accent and knew immediately who it was. Niall. God this must look bad Louis on top of my and all. I shoved Louis to the ground as I felt my face heat up.


“Niaall its not what it looks like. Louis was just being an idiot.” I sent Louis death glares and Niall started laughing.


“That’s normal. No worries. I won’t tell Harold.” He wiggled his eye brows and winked at me. wtf? What about Harold? Niall must have been able to tell I was confused by the look on my face and he began to explain. “Well you see we think Harold has a crush on you and when he likes someone he will stop at nothing to get them.”


“Oh.” Is all I could say. Harry likes me? Since when? At the hospital he never really said anything. He just kind of watched from afar or he was on that damn phone. Niall must be joking. Harry cant like me, I’m just the annoying girl in school that nobody talked to. He’s an international pop star and 1/5 of the hottest guys on the planet. I looked around my room and noticed Louis and Niall had walked out and I was all alone. I drug myself out of bed and headed for the bathroom to shower.



I probably stood under the hot water for a good 20 minutes letting it melt all my thoughts and worries before I even started to wash my hair. After about 45 minutes I stepped out and began to towel off my hair, then I realized I left my clothes in my room. Crap. I peeked out the door to see if the coast was clear and I took off running down the hall. I was almost to my room when harry stepped out of the guest bedroom not giving me enough time to stop and I ran right into him, falling to the ground.


Harry’s P.O.V.


I closed the door to the guest room I turned around and before I knew it I was hit by someone. Carry. She was laying on the ground in nothing but a towel, her cheeks flushing a deep red.


“Oh my god im so sorry are you ok?” I reached down to help her up but slipped and fell on top of her. Well.. this is awkward.




Hey guys! Im sorry I haven’t updated in a while life has been really crazy. I was gonna update over the weekend but it was my birthday and I had friends over all weekend. Well as you can tell this chapter isn’t complete but it will be tomorrow. Please spred this story to your friends. Like, Comment, Favorite… PLEEEEASE!


Much Love, Caroline xoxo


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