Once Upon a New York Night

Do you ever feel like you mean nothing? Like you don’t feel wanted by anyone? Like the world would be better off without you? I’m Carry and I am 17 years old and well, that’s how I have felt ever since my mom died and my dad started beating me every day. I was on the verge of ending it all. Leaving this world for good. But everything changed when I ran away to New York with my 2 best friends. I would have never thought I would feel like I was special to someone, like someone would truly like me for me. I never knew I would find love in the heart of the big apple.


1. Meet Me at Midnight

Carry’s P.O.V.

“Not again.” I thought to myself as I heard my dad carrying on from downstairs screaming and yelling for me to get down there immediately.  I drug myself out of bed knowing that if I didn't get down there he was gonna come up here and it was going to make everything a thousand times worse. I shuffled across my room to my door, slowly turning the knob knowing what was to come once I reached the kitchen. As I got closer his yelling got louder and I couldn't stop my eyes from starting to water as I turned the corner.

“What took you so freaking long!” my dad spat in my face causing me to jump, “I have been screaming your name for the past 10 minutes but I am feeling kind tonight so I will give you one more chance to answer me, What took you so long!” his anger was growing and I froze with fear as I looked into his dark brown, almost black, eyes filled with anger. But I knew I needed to answer him or I would pay the price.

“I-I didn’t h-hear you.” I stuttered on the lie rolling off my tongue hoping tonight he would believe me for once.

“Liar” he said through gritted teeth as he raised his hand and slapped me hard across the face. “Why are you so difficult? You think you can lie right to my face? I am your father and you come when I call and answer when I ask you something. But since you don’t know that I’m gonna have to teach you the hard way.” And he raised his arm a punched me multiple times before I slumped to the floor where he insisted on yanking me up by the hair to continue the beating before dropping me to the ground and kicked me hard in the stomach. This entire time I bit hard on my bottom lip to keep back the tears and cries for help knowing they only make things worse.


When I woke up the next morning I was still in the kitchen curled in a ball with a black eye and busted lip along with an array of different colored bruises. I pulled myself up using the counter as I made my way to my room to get ready for school. I walked into my bathroom and pulled my long wavy brown hair out of its high messy bun as I turned the shower as hot as it would go letting it warm up as I removed my baggy sweater and skinny jeans examining my new bruises and counting over 20 all together. Yay I get to be a leopard today at school! (Note the sarcasm)I let out a loud sigh and stepped into the steaming shower. To escape everything even if it was just for a little while. i had to spend an extra 10 minutes rubbing the blood from my lip that had dried from my skin and after a thirty minute shower I finally felt clean.

I shut off the water and wrapped myself in my towel as I stepped out of the shower and into my room to find an outfit to wear today. “what to wear what to wear” I thought to myself as I went through my array of baggy sweaters, infinite scarves, and beanies which pretty much made up my entire winter wardrobe and settled on a tan baggy sweater, dark pink infinite scarf, and a multi- colored beanie, and thick black leggings for my outfit of the day. Oh and not to mention my white converse that are frequently worn by my favorite band in the world One Direction and my paper airplane necklace that I haven’t taken off since the day I got it.

After I got dressed I headed into my bathroom to take a look at the damage on my face. “Great, even my makeup won’t be able to cover it up this time.” I say to myself while I furiously try to cover my black eye and busted lip.

After about an hour I managed to cover the bruises from the brutal slap my father gave me and the small bruises on my arms but I decided to give up on trying to cover the black eye and busted lip. Hopefully nobody decides to ask a bunch of questions at school today because I am not in the mood.  “Cover story: I got into a nasty fight with my older cousin who was visiting from Michigan because she made a joke about my brothers death… I guess that sounds believable.” I say to myself with a sigh and a half smile. Satisfied with my story and cover job I walk out to grab my iPhone and book bag I stop and glance at my clock only to see that it is already 8:10. “Crap! I’m gonna be late again!” I grab the remainder of my homework and shove them into my book bag and dash out the door. I live only 2 miles away from school but if I don’t run there is no way in hell I am going to make it on time.


I made it to school with 3 minutes to spare so I decide to stop by my locker to put my books up that I wont need until after lunch. As I close the door to my locker I hear footsteps running up to me and I close the door and am greeted by my two best friends Mone and Janae with worried looks on their faces.

“Oh My God! What happened to you!” they both say in hushed voices.

“Nothing just got in a fight with my older cousin.” I looked at the ground praying they believed me.

“Over what?” Mone asked with her eyes full of concern. She was like the Liam Payne of our little group. She was level headed, responsible, and always on time but she could also be really funny sometimes. She was the same height as me with dark skin and straight black hair that ended at her shoulders.

“Oh well she joked about some really personal things.” That’s all I had to say and she understood. They both were the only people I had ever talked to about my brothers death and I trusted them with everything but I felt ashamed. I hated lying to them. So I made a decision. One that will change everything. “You guys meet me in front of my house at midnight. We need to talk.”

They understood it was serious and didn't say anything they just looked at me and nodded with smiles on their faces trying to cover their worry but it wasn't working. We just all stood there, them staring at me their faces showing their concern and me staring at the ground

“Me and my boo thangs are sneaking out!”  Janae screamed in a ridiculous voice accompanied by the stupidest face I had ever seen. This sent us all over the edge laughing so hard we were crying and me and Mone leaning on each other for support. Leave it to Jane to add comic relief to the situation. She was like the Niall Horan of us. She was funny, loud, and found everything hilarious but she was dependable. She was around 4’11 with medium skin and crazy curly hair that reached just below her shoulders.

Once we stopped laughing I went to wipe my eye and let out a small yelp of pain and they looked at me worried again so I quickly changed the subject. “I’m fine guys don’t worry about me but we do need to worry about getting to class the bell was about to ring.” And right on cue the bell rang and we all dashed to our separate classes. The rest of the day went smoothly but all I could think about was the meeting that was awaiting me at midnight.



So what do you guys think? This is my first chapter so its kinda like my first draft.  Please comment and tell me what you think is good and what isn't. I don't know if i am satisfied with this chapter so might delete it.




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