The ups and downs of being pregnant

carly is an 18 year old girl who gets abused by her husband everyday. she runs away and finds a boy who helps her.he offers her his help and start a story filled with adventure, friendship, babies, and of course, LOVE


9. Kicking is beautiful,but so is love

Carly's POV I've been living with Liam for 2 months now. During this time he has been very caring of me and he is the only person who has helped me in quite a while. We finished watching a movie when I asked Liam something that has been on my mind for some time. " hey Liam, you've never told me what you do for a living" He smiled. Then he took out a CD and popped it in the CD player. All of a sudden the most amazing song started playing. The song was catchy and I really liked the lyrics, which truly made me feel beautiful. "You don't know-oh-oh, you don't know you're beautiful. And that's what makes you beautiful!" By the end of the song I knew part of the lyrics and was singing along. My smile went from ear to ear. "Oh. My. God. Liam who was that? " He just smiled sheepishly. "Did you like that?" I was getting giddy and I wanted to jump up and down. ";Words cannot explain how I feel about that song. Liam it was incredible! But where do you come in?" Liam started scratching the back of his head. "Well the lads that were singing are a boy band called One Direction and I am 1/5 of the group" My mouth dropped. "Liam why didn't you tell me you could sing?" His cheeks were burning as a sign of embarrassment. "I didn't think it was that big of a deal?" "What?!?! That was the best singing I have ever heard! Could you please sing something else? Please please please"; I began begging and finally Liam gave in. "Fine. Hmm... how about this?' I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile you've never loved your stomach or your thighs the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but I love them endlessly Liam kept singing and the song made me relax a little. It was so beautiful. But then I felt something in my stomach and my eyes widened. Liam saw my face and stopped singing. "Carly? Are you okay?!" I smiled even more, if it was possible. "OMG Liam, the baby kicked" He smiled as well "can I feel it?" he asked. I nodded and he put his hand on my stomach, but I didn't feel anything. "Oh well" said Liam" I'll just continue singing"Liam started singing again and I felt the baby kick. "Liam The baby kicked again!" Then I got an idea."Liam, please put your hand on my stomach and sing at the same time" He obeyed without any questions.As I suspected, the baby kicked again. We both stood there in awe for a long time. Then I asked Liam another question. "Hey Liam so when do I get to meet your band?" Liam was quick to answer. "Well the boys and I were going to meet up at the studio to record a new song tomorrow. You want to go with me then?" I smiled at him. "Yes Liam I would love it!" I ran up to him and hugged him. He must have been surprised because he hugged me after 5 seconds. Liam cleared his throat. "Well, I think we should go to bed now to get ready for tomorrow" Liam went into his room and I stood there. Why do I feel sparks when I'm with Liam? Every time I am near him my heart races and my stomach turns. I feel like I want to cuddle with him and stay like that forever. So basically to put it in a simpler way, I think I'm in love with Liam. A/N: Tell me what you think of the story by emailing me or or simply comment below. As for the next chapter, it's about to get interesting so keep checking to see if i updated yet. oh i wish i could give you a spoiler alert :) A/N: Tell me what you think of this story
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