The ups and downs of being pregnant

carly is an 18 year old girl who gets abused by her husband everyday. she runs away and finds a boy who helps her.he offers her his help and start a story filled with adventure, friendship, babies, and of course, LOVE


15. I found you

Carly's POV

"So guys how did you find us?" Liam asked curiously. Niall answered for everyone "I think we should go someplace so that we can all explain something. May I suggest Nando's?" I guess he likes going there. "Alright Niall we can go. If it's okay with Carly" Louis looked at me. I nodded and we started heading outside.


We got checked out by a few paramedics and answered some questions for the police. They gave us some information and I was glad to hear that Earl won't be getting out of prison soon. Apparently he has been charged with domestic abuse, rape, trespassing on private property, kidnapping, assault, and a bunch of other things from a few years ago. I tried to forget all about this while I got ready to go to Nando's.  I changed into some jeans and a t shirt and topped it off with an aeropostale jacket and some light gray converse.  I put my hair up in a messy ponytail and put on a little bit of makeup.  This was a whole lot more appropriate than the dress I was wearing. I stared at the mirror in front of me but I didn't see myself. In my reflection's place was a tired, pregnant looking teenage girl stare back at me. Oh god I look terrible. Why does Liam even like me? I'm such a screwed up mess. Liam came into the restroom and smiled at me. "You reday to go, love?" I put on a fake smile and nodded. But of course Liam being the guy he is knew I was faking. His face fell."Okay Carly what's wrong?" I let out a huge breath which knocked the smile off my face.

"I just don't know why you even like me I mean look at me. I look like a friggin nobody" I looked back at the mirror and grabbed a stray strand of my hair. Liam came up to me and hugged me from behind, resting his chin on my left shoulder. He stared into my eyes as I stared into his. That chocolate brown colour makes me want to melt. "Argh. This is so frustrating.  You are special and unique and beautiful and charming and nice and hot and..." I giggled

"Okay I get it. But seriously now" Liam rolled his eyes and planted a light kiss on my cheek.

"You are completely amazing and I'm going to prove it to you that I mean it" He whispered into my ear, triggering goosebumps all over my body. "Carly, would you be my girlfriend?" Tell me this isn't happening. My eyes grew wide as all these thoughts came into my he add.  Am I ready for another relationship? Does he honestly like me? am I good enough for him? What if it doesn't work out? Liam lifted his hand and waved it in my face.

"Hello? Earth to Carly? Captain Liam os awaiting your response..." A smirk grew on my face as I put his hand down, spun around m and stuck my tounge out. Than I liftes my hand and stroke my chin in a thinking manner. "Hmm... I don't know. Lemme think about it" I stayed like that for a few minutes just to tease him. He bit his lip and I saw the hint of curiosity on his face. I looked at Liam in the eyes. "I made up my mind but first I have to do this" I closed in the space between us and kissed him. I pulled back after a few saconds and trailed over to his ear. 

"Yes" I whispered. His smile doubled and he turned my head so that our lips were about half a centimeter apart. I closed my eyes as he intertwined his lips with mine. Liam put one of his hands at the back of my neck and the other at my waist. I hugged him loosely and held my hands together at his back. We were pretty into the kiss when I heard footsteps approaching, 

"Hey guys are you ready to...go...Holy crap!" It was none other than Louis, who walked in on us kissing. I pulled back and saw Liam roll his eyes and make funny faces with his back to Louis. I jad to bite down my lip to keep myself from laughing out loud. A HUGE grin spread on Louis' face. 

"I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT. Liam finally got a girl! He found out how to charm the ladies which by theway is a skill that I have mastered.  HE GOT A GIRLFRIEND! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" Louis ran out yelling wll over the house waving his hands above his head. "Daddy Directioner is no longer single! He has a nice girl to cuddle with at night! HA HA HA HA HA!!!" My mouth dropped to the floor.


"What was that all about?" Liam shrugged and smiled at me. "That's just Louis being Louis. You'll get used to it"

*At Nando's*

"Hello and welcome to Nando's how may I help you?" A pretty young blonde girl asked us in a cheery voice, not really caring that she was writting down the orders for One Direction. The guys each ordered their dish. I've never really been to Nando's so Liam ordered for me.

"Okay your orders will be ready soon" She walked awy leaving all 6 of us alone. The guys were asking me questions about myself. 

"Okay Carly. These are about your favourites. Color?" Zayn asked.

"Purple, blue, and neon green" I answered with my chin in my palms. 

"Animal?" It was Louis.

"Penguins, zebras, or puppies"

"What about food?" Niall. I chuckled. 

"Basically anything edible" His eyes lit up with excitement at my response. "I think I just found a new best friend" I grinned and everyone else laughed. 

"Who's your favourite member in One Direction?" Harry aked wiggling his eyebrows. "Obviously not you, Harry" He stuck out his botton lip pretending to pout. We had another laugh. "But I'm sorry Liam it's not you either. It's Nialler because he loves food just as much as I do!" I leaned in to my right and gave Niall a hug. He hugged me back tightly. Liam had a sad face but I saw the smile he was hiding.

Niall let me go and I pinched Liam's cheeks."Aww babe don't worry. I still love you more than I love all of these guys"

"HEY!" The guys all shouted at the same time.  "Only because he's your boyfriend." Zayn pointed at lism snd squinted his eyes at me.  The smile did not leave my face."Um yeah Zayn. He's way hotter than you" Zayn's mouth was wide open.

"Offensive much?" Liam engulfed me in a hug and stuck his toungue out at the lads. I rolled my eyes and gave Liam a kiss on the cheek. He pecked my lips and a few 'aww's came out from the guys. Louis and Harry started making kissy faces at us. I put my head in my hands to hide the laughter coming from me. I heard another worker approach our table.

"Sorry we took so long. Here is your food" My laughter died. That voice. I would recognize it anywhere. But how? I didn't think I'd ever see her again.  I lifted my head as she put our food on the table. We made eue contact when she out my food in front of me. Her eyes widened.

"Carly?" A smile spread on my face. My throat went dry and I swallowed. 

"Tulip?" She nodded furiously with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. Oh my god. I can't believe it.

I found one of my sisters. 




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