The ups and downs of being pregnant

carly is an 18 year old girl who gets abused by her husband everyday. she runs away and finds a boy who helps her.he offers her his help and start a story filled with adventure, friendship, babies, and of course, LOVE


11. Car ride to our doom

Earl's POV

"Carly dear why did yoy run away? I've been looking for you and when I found you I just knew I had to bring you back with me, peaches" I heard Carly gasp when I said that. Oh how I rememberwhen  I would always called her that. "Earl please don't call me that. I've alrwady told you I'm not your 'peaches'"

"But you used to love it when I called you peaches" I could hear her crying on the other line. "Stop, Earl just stop. Why are you doing this?" I laughed at her.

"Ah yes that.  I need you to come back home but I figured you wouldn't come voluntarily.  But first  I need to take you somewhere"

"Where are we going?" I was starting to get impatient. 

"I'm taking you someplace. Either you come without any problems or I'm going to have to use force" Carly stayed quiet for a while.

"Carly? You there?" She sniffled.

"Earl what are you going to do if I don't accept?" I slammed my fist on the table.

"Look bitch.  You're going to do what I tell you or your little friend might have an 'accident'" She gasped and answered immediately with alarm in her voice. "NO NO EARL, PLEASE DON'T! I'll do whatever you want but just don't hurt Liam!!! PLEASE!!!" I heard her sobbing. What is up with her and that guy? I'm the one she should care about.

"Stop crying carly I'm warning you! Now pass the phone back to Ricky.See you soon peaches" I started laughing. "Earl? Where do you want us to take the girl? " I was getting annoyed. I already told these idiots where to go like five times!

"I told you to go to the valley behind the park on the far side where no one goes.  You'll see a small house. If you can't get there by these details then go to hell!!!" Godthese morons are so stupid.

"Gee Earl sorry. Dowe take the boy with us?" I rolled my eyes. "No shit Sherlock! Of course you take him with you. What if he goes to the police and tells them everything?"  Seriously it's like they don't have brains.

"Oh and Earl? I have some news for you" I rolled my eyes again even though he couldnt see me."What is it now?" Ricky laughed very hard.

"Well I just found out your little 'peaches' is pregnant" My mouth fell to the ground. What? How? Am I the dad? I better be. "What the hell?! How long has she been pregnant?"

"Lemme ask" I heard some shuffling and a few voices. "3 months pregnant" 3 MONTHS?!?! That can only mean that I'm the dad. I started imagining all the things I would do with my child. We could play soccer (football for you brits. Love y'all :) ) and go camping and teach him or her everything I know. A smile spread on my face as I got back to reality. " Alright. Be gentle with her. I don't want anything to happen to my baby.  Don't hurt the guy unless you absolutely need to. Carly is too close to him"

"Sure. See ya" I ended the call and went into my room to get ready for my date with Carly. This is going to be great.

Liam's POV

" C'mon Bobby. Help me get the girl on in the van. And Earl said to be gentle" Well I was a bit relieved that Earl wasn't going to hurt Carly. For now. I found myself being dragged into a red minivan hidden in some trees. I started fighting back."Why are you doing this?" The guy I'm guessing is Ricky rolled his eyes.

"Gosh. This one's a slow one isn't he? You think we get what we want just by snapping our fingers like you do? We actually have to work hard for it. People like you are discusting, dirty, spoiled little-"

"SHUT UP RICKY" I heard Carly shout out in frustration.  Ricky gave Carly a  really dirty look.  "You're lucky you're pretty" when they threw us both into the backseat they turned on tne van and drove off. I noticed the windows were spray painted black so I couldnt see anything outside. We were tied up facing each other. How nice of them.


We had been riding for some time now and I was starting to panic. "This is all my fault" I heard Carly say. I was confused. "What do you mean?" Carly looked like she wanted to cry.

"If I had never ran away we wouldnt be in this situation. You could be with your bandmates right now having a laugh" I shook my head. "If you never ran away then I wouldn't have met you. And it was really nice meeting you" She was sobbing now.

"Liam why do I have to exist? All I do is make other people suffer" She was making me angry. "Carly stop talking like that. You are an amzing human being with just a little bad luck"

"Liam. There is no one in this world who cares about me. My own brother sold me to Earl and he took my sisters away to who knows where! What kind of a person am I that not even my own brother wants me?!?!" I was stunned.  Carly has siblings? What happened to them? Focus Liam. Ask questions later. 

"I'm so sorry. But Carly, I care about you" she made a face mixed with emotions. "Liam you're doing this because you are a wonderful person and your nature is to help others" I was getting impatient. "That might be true but I'm not helping you because I'm nice"

"Why the heck are you helping me then?" I took a deep breath. "Because Carly... I love you" 


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