Fear The Broken

Stacie Clearwater has lived in LaPush all of her life. Her bestfriend is Jacob Black. They are in the LaPush pack of werewolves. She leaves for a year to become an actress. What happens when she comes back? Does she imprint on Jacob, does he imprint on her? Read to find out...


2. The Red Head

Seth: You're not being fair!


Me: To bad! You said you could keep up! Slowpoke!


Seth: Hey! Do you smell that?


Me: Smell wha- is that...


Seth: Bloodsucker?


Me: We have to get the others out here to track it!


I howl as loud as I can, hoping that Sam and the rest of the pack could hear. Seth and I keep following the trail, when I hear Sam's voice boom in my head.


Sam: What's the matter?


Me: Why are your thoughts always so loud?


Sam: What's the matter?


Seth: We smell a bloodsucker. Sort of like the one we chased up to the border last week.


Jake: Where?


Me: In the forest. Near the big oak tree we would always climb.


Embry: Why would one of them come so close?


Sam: I don't know but we have to follow the trail.


By this time, Seth and  I were waiting by the tree, and the rest of the pack comes running into the clearing.


Sam: Stacie, you lead. You have the best senses out of the pack.


Leah: Why does she get to lead? She can't even walk out of a doorway without running into the door!


Jake: Leah! Just shut up before I rip you to pieces!


Leah: *scoffs* Sure, you wouldn't hurt a fly!


Sam: Both of you shut up! Stacie's leading and that's final!


I follow the scent, and we end up in a meadow with a red head standing right in the middle with a boy smelling something. Bloodsuckers.

I growl and take off towards them, and tackle the redhead to the ground. She kicks me off, and takes off running. I follow suit. I chase her until I hear Sam yell.


Sam: Stop! That's Cullen territory. If one of us cross the border, the treaty is broken!


Me: Damn it! What fucking treaty?!


Embry: The one in Billy's stories. Don't you ever listen?


Me: The first time I heard them, yeah, but after that, they just became a story you heard every other day.


Embry: Makes sense.


All of the sudden, the red head comes running back across the border, with what I take as the Cullen's following. One yells to a guy, but he crosses the border, and Paul is the first to take action. He jumps down onto a rock, and growls at him. The bloodsucker gets up out of the water, and jumps up onto the other side of the river, and walks away.


Sam: Paul, come on. We aren't going to catch that red head. She's after one of the Cullen's, I can feel it.


With that, we all take off running back to LaPush.

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