Fear The Broken

Stacie Clearwater has lived in LaPush all of her life. Her bestfriend is Jacob Black. They are in the LaPush pack of werewolves. She leaves for a year to become an actress. What happens when she comes back? Does she imprint on Jacob, does he imprint on her? Read to find out...


5. Council Meeting

"Mom! I'm home!" I yell when I open the front door.

"I'm in here!" she yells back. I head to the kitchen and sit down on a bar stool.

"Are you going to the council meeting tonight?" I ask her.

"Of course, I'm on the council!" she says excitedly, "Hungry?"

"I forgot. Let me call Em and see what she's making for the boys," I say pulling out my phone and dialing Emily's phone number.

She picks up on the third ring, "Hello?"

"Hey Em, it's Stace, what's up?"

"Nothing really, just making dinner for the boys, you?"

"Just got back from Jakes, what are you making?"

"Chicken salad, with what two pieces of chicken that was left over from lunch."

I laugh. "I'll be over in a bit, are you going with Sam to the council meeting?"

"Maybe, I will have to finish the dishes first though."

"After dinner, I'll help. Many hands make light work. Four paws also help too!"

She laughs. "But you don't have opposable thumbs when you've phased though!"

"Doesn't matter, I'll be over in a few Em."

"See ya."


I hung up and ran up to my room to change. I grabbed a black V-neck tee shirt, and kept my jeans on. I take my boots off, and put on my black Converse. All of my shoes look brand new, because I usually run around bare footed. I grab a sweatshirt that Jake gave me, and put it on. It fit like a glove, considering he got it before he phased, and it wouldn't fit now that he has bulked up quite a bit.

My phone buzzed signaling that I got a text. I picked it up off of my bed, and looked at it. It's a text from Jake.


Better hurry over to Em's. Paul and Jared are having a contest. Who can eat the most.


I have a feeling that Paul is going to win, even though I only tolerate him!


Surprisingly Jared is in the lead!


Is VampGirl still here?


Bella? Yeah, she's coming to the council meeting too.




It's a chance for her to hear the histories.


She's attached to the bloodsuckers, why would she need to hear OUR histories?


She's my best friend Stacie.


I though I was... :(


You are! You always will be, but you're also more then just my life long best friend. You're also my imprint. I love you.


Good! I love you too.




So tell me about Bella?


Maybe after the council meeting.


Ok, I'm headed over to Em's.






"Mom! I'm headed over to Em's!" I yell downstairs.

"Okay, don't forget the meeting is at six!" she yells back.

"I won't I'll have the rest of the pack there with me anyways. So if one of us is late, which I really doubt, all of us are late!" I yell to her opening my window.

"You said you were leaving five minutes ago!" a voice yells to me from the base of the tree outside of my window. I jump and fall from my window sil.

"Woah!" I yell as I fall. I was ready to land on my feet, until a pair of arms wrap tightly around me, catching me.

"Still as clumsy as ever, and I just saw you an hour ago!" Jake says as he puts my feet down. His hand that was on my back, moved to my hand, enlacing our fingers.

"Shut up Jake!" I say as we walk toward Emily's place.


At Emily's Place

"I'm here!" I yell to whoever is with in ear shot.

"Took you long enough!" Embry says pulling me off of Jake and putting me in a head lock. I peel him off of me to walk in the door.

"Here you go," Emily says holding out a plate of food. I take it and sit down at the only empty seat at the table. I start eating. I put my plate in the sink, and I roll my sleeves up and run warm water in the sink, and start to wash the dishes.

A pair of strong arms snake around my waist and I feel a hot breath on my neck. I twist, so I give Jacob a kiss on the cheek.

"What's with all the cheek kisses?" he asks grabbing a towel to dry the dishes that I put on the towel next to the sink, "What's the matter?"

"Nothing," I say grabbing the sponge and scrubbing the plate in my hands.

"Stace, be serious, I know when something's wrong. What is it?" he says setting the plate he was drying down.

"It's nothing, I promise!" I say handing him another plate.

"You sure?" he asks taking the plate.

I drain the sink of the water, and dry my hands on the towel that Jake set on the counter."Completely sure," I say blowing a handful of bubbles at his face. His face was priceless.

I laugh and start running. I run out of the kitchen and toward the front door. I run straight into Paul.

"Whoa! I know I'm hot, but," he says stumbling backwards.

"Paul save me!" I yell as I grab his arm and pulling him front of me.

"Paul can't save you!" Jake yells back.

"What's with all the yelling?" Embry says when he walks in the door.

"Embry!!!! Save me!!! I being chased by a psychopath!!!" I yell and jump on his back.

"What am I-"

"RUN!!!" I yell and he starts running away from Jake with me on his back.


At The Bonfire/Council Meeting

Embry lets me down, and  he sits down next to me on a log.

"Where's Jake?" Billy asks Embry and I.

"I don't know, he was following us," I say looking back behind us.

"Well he better show up soon," Sam says. I look around the fire. I see Bella, but no Jake. All of the sudden a pair of arms snake around my waist.

"I'm here," Jake whispers in my ear.

"Billy, Sam, I found him," I say to them.

"Stacie, I think he found you!" he says smirking. Jake picks me up from behind, and pulls me away from the fire and a little ways into the trees.

"What are you doi-" he cuts me off my kissing me. Hard.

"It's been a while since I've done that," he says wrapping his arms loosely around my waist, and I wrap mine around his neck.

"Stacie! Jacob!" I hear Sam yell.

I peck him on the lips, and say, "We better go back."

"Probably," he says unwrapping his arms from around me, and grabbing my hand. We walk back to the fire.

"Where were you?" Sam says obviously a tad bit mad.

"Taking a quick walk," Jake says.

"You shouldn't have," Sam says.

"Okay," Jake says sitting down. He pulls me down next to him. Sam walks away, and sit down by Emily.

"Are we ready to start?" Seth says eagerly.

"Dad?" Jake says. Billy nods and starts telling the histories.

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