Fear The Broken

Stacie Clearwater has lived in LaPush all of her life. Her bestfriend is Jacob Black. They are in the LaPush pack of werewolves. She leaves for a year to become an actress. What happens when she comes back? Does she imprint on Jacob, does he imprint on her? Read to find out...


7. Cliff Diving

"Took you long enough!" Jake says when I make it downstairs.

"Shut up Jake!" I say, "You drive, I'll call everyone, who all did you call?"

"Embry, Paul, Seth & Leah," he says.

"I'll call Jared, Quil, Collin, Brady, and maybe Sam, if he'll come," I say.

We get into the Rabbit, and he drives us up to the cliffs. Seth, Leah, Paul, Embry, Jared and Quil are waiting for us.

"You two are slow!" Seth says. Jake pulls him into a head lock, but he quickly squirms his way out.

"And you're one to talk!" I say as I pull to shirt and shorts off, and kick my flip flops off, "Is no one going to go?"

Seth sheds his shirt, and throws me over his shoulder, and starts running toward the edge.

"SETH CLEARWATER!!!!" I scream before he jumps.

We hit the ice cold water just as fast as he jumped off. When we come up, I hear Jared do that stupid call he always does, and I look up. I swim forward, before Jared lands on me, with Paul not far behind.

"Come on Leah!! You scared?!" Jared yells when he comes up. I see Jake jump with Leah hauled over his shoulder.

"Jake!!! I'm going to kill you!!" Leah screams when she surfaces.

"But you won't, because my imprint is right there!" Jake says.

"Watch out below!!!" Embry yells before him and Quil jump.

"Why do you all have to be so stupid?" I ask right as Embry splashes in front of me.

"Because you love us!" Embry says when he comes up. I grab his head, and shove him back under.

"Whatever you say Embry!" I say. I start swimming back to the beach. I hear the rest follow.

"Come on Albino!!" Paul yells. I stop and turn around.

"Watch out!" Leah yells before I get shoved into the water. I shove my elbow into their gut, and swim up.

"What the hell?" I ask after I cough up water.

"Lighten up!" Paul's voice sounds, "Let's play chicken!"

"Sounds like fun, but jumping again sounds better," I say.

"Come on! One game then we jump again?" Quil asks.

"Fine," I say. We all swim closer to shore, to where the tallest guys can stand with their head and shoulders above water.

It was me and Jake, Leah and Seth, Paul and Jared, and Embry and Quil.

Jake, Seth, Paul, and Embry were the bases, and Leah, Jared, Quil and I were the ones ontop.

All of us quickly climb up onto their shoulders, and we decided to have a competition. Whoever won between Leah and Jared, had to go against whoever won between Quil and I.

Jake and I made a plan, because I'm so much smaller than Quil, and Jake is faster than Embry, we figured we'd give it a go.

We watched Leah and Jared. Leah was so close to winning, but Jared moved his arm the slightest bit, and Leah fell forward.

"Ready to lose?" Quil asks when we get ready.

"Not really, are you? Because I'm sure the water feels great!" I say. He scoffs, and Jared yells 'GO.'

Quil leans forward, and grabs my arms, and pushes. Jake leans forward the slightest bit, so I don't fall off. I push harder than Quil, and he retaliates with pushing harder. My legs tighten around Jake, and I let go. Quil didn't have time to recover before he fell into the water.

"Told you it feels great!" I say. He laughs sarcastically, as he and Embry both swim over to Leah and Seth.

"Never thought I'd be winning to another girl," Jared says.

"Your bark is bigger than your bite Jare-bear!" I say.

"Don't call me that," he mumbles.

"Ready?" Leah says, "Set! GO!!"

Both Jared and I lean forward and grab each others arms. I pay attention to his every move, and Paul's too for that matter. Jared starts shoving. I shove back. He keeps shoving harder and harder, until I duck and let go. He flys over top of me, and into the water. There is a series of applause.

"Thank you! Thank you!" I say as I bow.

"How does it feel to finally lose? And to a girl even!" Quil asks. Jared splashes him, and I slide off of Jake, and stand next to him.

"The new chicken champion!" Paul says as he raises my arm above my head. I laugh. They all pretend they are bowing down to their leader.

"Now that you're the champ, you call the shots," Jake says, "Now what shall we do? Oh great and holy chicken champion!"

I scoff, and pretend to think, then say, "How about we get food?" There is a chorus of 'yeses' and Leah and I swim back to shore, and run back up to the cliffs, and grab everyone's shirts, because they all came barefooted, like usual.

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