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Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


22. Random Harry Imagine

Got this idea from TC1Dlover! Thanks so much! Xxoo

She’ll be here today… I tugged at the front of my shirt, and tried to smooth out my hair.  Louis noticed, and grinned at me.

“You are such a girl.” He teased as we walked into the building that housed Modest! Management, our label.  I felt a blush creeping over my cheeks, and I punched his shoulder. 

“Shut up.”

“Seriously, why don’t you just ask her out?” Zayn questioned.

“Oh, yeah, that would go over real well.  Me, with a girl from management? Can you imagine what the fans would say? She’d get worse hate than Taylor did.”

“Taylor deserved it.” Niall muttered under his breath. “Annoying prat.” (AN: NO HATE TO TAYLOR SWIFT OR ANY SWIFTYS THAT MAY BE READING THIS STORY!)

“She wasn’t that bad.” I rolled my eyes as I glanced around for her. I hid behind a potted plant, and Liam sighed as he passed me.

“We should start calling Harry ‘Harriet’ or something.” Louis snickered. “He’s switching genders on us.”

“Shut up.”

“Stop being a chicken head and talk to her!” Niall groaned. “All this stress is getting to me head.”

“Aw, poor Nialler…” Zayn cooed, patting the other boy’s head. I peeked over the top of the plant, and saw…her. Kelsey. She was wearing a small dress today—it was white, with a big black belt around the middle.  Her auburn hair was wrapped up in a bun, and she paused her writing every few minutes to push her small glasses up her nose.  Louis snickered at me.

“C’mon, lads—“ Liam ordered. “Uncle Si is waiting.”

“What if I embarrass myself?” I ask.

“Walk.” Louis ordered.  I sighed, and shuffled behind the rest of the lads as they walked up to the desk.

“Hey, Kelsey!” Niall said cheerfully.  Kelsey looked up, and smiled at us.

“Hey, boys!” She chirped with her intoxicating American accent.  “You here for Simon?”

“Yup.” Zayn nodded.

“Okay, let me get him for ya.” She grinned again, and stood, hurrying over to the door.  I peeked around Liam to get a good look at her, and blushed as Louis punched my shoulder, giving me a knowing glance.  Kelsey leaned into Simon’s office, and we could hear a muffled conversation, then she backed out, and closed the door. “It’ll be a few minutes…”  she said, sitting back down.  “Make yourselves comfortable if ya want!”

“You know, I think I want to go get a drink.” Louis said, like he was reading off a script. “C’mon, lads.” I started to go with them, but Zayn pushed me back.

“No, Haz, you stay here until Simon’s ready. You're our representative.” He shot a glance at Kelsey.  “Sooo. Stay here and represent.” He said, glaring at me, then at Kelsey, clearly wanting me to ask her out.

“Good luck, mate.” Louis said with a wink, which basically meant ‘get some, Harry’. I speak fluent ‘Louis’ by now.  I sighed as the rest of the boys trooped away, and I cleared my throat.

“H-H-Hey, Kelsey.”

“Hey, Harry.” She didn’t even look up. I felt my stomach twist in a circle, and I cleared my throat again.

“How are you doin’?” Now she did look up, and she peered at me from over the top of her glasses.

“Fine…” She answered, drawing out the word and raising an eyebrow. “How are you?”

“Fine.”  I scratched the back of my neck. “Do you wanna… Um. Well, I was…looking for…someonetogotothemovieswithonSaturdaydoyouwannacomewithme?” Kelsey looked slightly bewildered.

“Say again?”

“I was looking for someone to go to the movies with on Saturday; do you wanna come with me?” I said again, slightly slower.  A smile crept across Kelsey’s face, and she leaned forward, looking at me through her eyelashes.

“Why, Harry Styles, are you asking me out on a date?” She asked playfully.  I blushed.

“Depends on if you're gonna say yes or not.”

“Depends on what move, at what time?”

Catching Fire? Eight o’clock?” I smiled hopefully.  She grinned, and sat back in her seat.

“I think I’m free.” She smirked. “What should I wear—and if you say something that’s easy to take off, then you can forget it.”

“Nah, just jeans and a tee-shirt is fine—that’s what I’m gonna wear.” I ran a hand through my hair.  “Um, you know that there might be some…not very nice people that won’t approve of us?”

“Who cares?” Kelsey shrugged. “They’re just jealous.” I grinned, as the boys walked back.

“So, how’d it go?” Louis asked, slinging an arm around my neck and grinning.  Kelsey blushed.

“Good.” I said, winking at her and pulling away from Louis. “Perfect, actually.”

Credit for this idea goes to 1dTVlover! Thanks! Xxoo Comment if you want an imagine!

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