1D IMAGINES! *open*

Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


32. Preference #1--you used to like another band member


You used to like another band member

Harry: “Oh, Y/N?”

“Yeah babe?” You walk into the living room where Harry is staring at his phone.

“What do you think about…Liam?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Um…He’s one of my best friends…Why?”

“Because according to a certain Tumblr account, you ‘are flipping in love with his sexy abs—“

 “Ohmigosh!” You squealed, leaping for Harry’s phone. “DELETE THAT NOW!”

“And his amazing hair—“ Harry snickered, holding the phone out of your reach.

Harold Edward Styles!”

“And his—“ You shut him up by kissing him, then grabbed the phone and ran from the room.  “Hey! I was reading that!” Harry yelled as you locked yourself in the bathroom, trying to delete the link and any evidence of your former fangirling life.  “Rude! No matter…I’ll just have the Directioners find it and tweet it to me.”

Louis: “Harry? Really?” Louis pouted, crossing his arms.

“Lou, that was before I met you.  I promise, I like you now.”

“I’ll bet he was your lock screen.” Louis grumbled.  You blushed. “And your Twitter profile picture.  And your Facebook profile picture.  And your Tumblr profile picture.  I’ll bet you had at least three hundred pictures of him on your phone, isn’t that right, Y/N?” You cleared your throat.

“Um…it was three hundred and forty seven, as a matter of fact.” You mumbled.  Louis threw his hands up, and you sighed. “But I’m not with Harry, am I, Lou? I’m with you. And nothing is gonna change that.” You hugged him, and felt him wrap his arms around you.  You pressed your face to his chest, and smiled.

“It was the curls, wasn’t it?” You groaned as Louis started growling again.

“Louis, just let it go.”

Liam: “I just can’t believe you used to have a crush on Zayn of all people! I mean, my best mate!” Liam ranted. You sighed.

“I honestly don’t see what the big deal is.  I’m with you, Liam, not Zayn.”

“You got his stupid notebook with his stupid face on the stupid cover and you toted it around every stupid place you went!” Liam grumbled. “And besides—I’m better than Zayn! Zayn is….”

“Stupid?” You supplied dryly. Liam shrugged.

“You said it, not me.”

“Liam.  If it makes you feel better, I will put the notebook away, and I will buy the notebook that has your face on it.  Feel better?”

“Yes.” Liam nodded, his jaw set. You heard him mumble something about stupid Zayn under his breath once more, and you held back a grin.

Niall: “Well, well, well—what's this?” Niall pulled out a box from your attic. “One Direction from Y/N’s room.”

“Niall!” You gasped. “Don’t go in there!”

“What was that, princess? Open the box? Okay!” Niall opened it, and grinned as he shuffled through it. “I always knew you loved…Louis!?” You face-palmed as Niall lifted out a huge poster of his friend.  His mouth dropped.  “Louis was your favorite? Seriously?!” He yelled.

“Um…Used to be.” You mumbled.  “And then I liked you.”

“Please. I’m a better catch than the Tommo.” Niall scoffed.  You patted his arm.

“Yes, you are.” Niall started to grin and pulled out his phone.  He snapped a picture, and started tapping. You felt a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.  “What are you doing?”

“Just tweeting.” He said innocently.  You face palmed again. You deserved at least that much.

Zayn: “Zayn, stop. It’s not that funny.” You complained as your boyfriend snickered himself into a ball. 

“It kinda is…You had a crush on Niall…” He started laughing again.  You crossed your arms over your chest and huffed.  “Niall, of all people.”

“There’s nothing wrong with Niall.” You objected.  Zayn finally stopped laughing, and straightened.

“So what did you like about him?” He asked. You blushed.

“The accent…the hair…the eyes…”

“Okay, first of all. My accent is better than Niall’s.  The lad can’t even say thirty.  Secondly, my hair is better than his, because his is fake—key word here, fake blonde.  And thirdly, everyone knows that brown eyes are better than blue ones.” Zayn counted off his fingers.  You started giggling, then ruffled his hair. 

“Looks like someone is a little bit jealous…hmm?”

“Who, me? Jealous? Never.” But as he wrapped his arms around you, he whispered, “Mark my words--if Niall James Horan ever touches you, in any way, shape, or form, he will draw back a stub.”

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