1D IMAGINES! *open*

Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


10. Louis imagine--You are an orphan

“Y/N! Y/N, c’mon!”  Louis hisses.

“Lou, if we get caught, I’m gonna be in so much trouble…” You whisper back, ducking down behind a tree.

“Are you chickening out?” Louis asks, grinning. You scowl and throw a twig at him.

“Never.” You follow your best friend through the small woods, and take a deep breath as Louis stops and flashes the flashlight around in front of you both.  “Do you remember where you hid the backpack?” you ask.

“Of course I remember where I hid the backpack.” Louis shines the flashlights beam in your face. “Silly little Y/N/N (Your Nick Name).”

“Shut up, Tommo, let’s just do this. I’m cold, and I wanna find shelter. We should be at the Center right now.” You rub your hands together and cross your arms. Louis pulls off his beanie and tosses it to you.

“Here, this will at least keep your head warm.” You pull the beanie over your head, and smile your thanks. Even though Louis wasn’t related to you at all, he still was like an older brother to you after your mother and father died in a car crash when you were seven. After they passed, you had no relatives, and were literally living on the street. Louis, a ten year old at the time, found you nearly dead after you had been beaten up by a group of boys. You two had been living on the streets together for about six years. He was your best friend.

“Why are we even doing this?” You ask.

“I told you. I asked him to help us last year, when you were really sick. He laughed in my face. I told him he’d pay.” Louis tosses you a roll of toilet paper. “This is the only thing I could think of that wasn’t illegal. Let’s go!” You sigh, but follow your friend. He sneaks out onto the man’s lawn. He unwraps the toilet paper, and starts unrolling it all over the grass. You start decorating the trees. You slowly start to relax, and actually have fun, when suddenly the lights on the porch go on. You and Louis freeze.

“What the heck happened?!?!” The man thunders from the porch. He clomps off the steps and barrels toward you. You scream, and Louis grabs your arm.

“Run, Y/N!” He yells. You and Louis take off, hearing the man behind you, snorting and swearing. Louis pulls you to go faster, but suddenly you trip, and fall, smashing your head in the process. You hear a snap, and your ankle explodes in pain. You feel woozy instantly. You yelp, and Louis wraps his hand around your mouth, dragging you behind a tree. “Shhhh…” He whispers. You whimper, but keep quiet. The principal huffs past, then stops.

“You can run, you stupid hoodlums, but you can’t hide! I will find you!” He yells, then starts tromping back to his house. Both of you watch as he goes back into his house. Suddenly you lick Louis’ hand. He yelps and lets your face go.

“What was that for?!”

“For this barmy idea, you carrot-head!” You hiss. Your ankle throbs, and you wince. Louis bends and looks at your ankle, flashing the light on it.

“Wow, Y/N, its purple.”

“Of course it is, Louis! I hurt it!” You say, tears pricking your eyes. He notices and drops the flashlight, grabbing you in a hug.

“It’s okay, Y/N, it’s not that bad. I’m here, I’ve got you.”  He held you close. You sniffled into his shoulder.

“It really hurts, Lou…”

“I know.” He picked up the flashlight and shoved it into the backpack. “Can you stand?”

“I don’t know…” You tried, and fell with a yelp. He sighs.

“Okay…” He helps you stand, then helps you onto his back. He stands up, carrying you piggy-back style. You grab the back pack and put it on your back.


He puts you down gently in an alley by the Center. You wince, and he sits next to you. “Sorry you got hurt, Y/N…” He says, softly.

“It’s okay.” You pick at a hangnail on your thumb. “It feels better.”

“Don’t lie.” He frowns, and gently touches your head. You wince, and he gives you a sad look. “I'm sorry, Y/N…”

“It’s okay.” You say again, then yawn. “I’m really tired, Louis…”

“No!” He shakes you awake. “You cant go to sleep, you're all I have! Please!”

“But I’m tired…” You argue, leaning back against the wall.

“If you fall asleep, Y/N, you might not wake up.” He squats down next to you and cups your cheek in his hand. You yawn again. “Y/N…” He sighs, then engulfs you in a hug. You lean your head in his shoulder, thinking about how nice this feels. You feel your eyes slowly start to drift shut, and you fall into darkness…


“Y/N? Y/N/N, honey, are you okay?” You wake up to see Louis’ worried face hovering over you.

“Oh…yeah…I’m fine…I just was having a dream, I suppose…” You sit up and rub your face.

“Bad?” He asks, running his fingers through his hair, making it spike up.

“No. I was just reliving when we TPed that guy’s lawn.” You giggle.

“That was scary, I remember thinking you were going to die!” Louis says.

“Lou, I just hit my head, and sprained my ankle. I was fine.” You snuggle into him. “I’m here right now, with you!”

“Yeah.” He kisses the top of your head. “Well, technically, both of you are here with me…” He teases, placing a hand on your slightly bulging stomach. You giggle again.

“I can’t believe we’re gonna be parents!” You say.

“I know…” He sighs. “I still can’t believe you agreed to marry me after everything you know about me.”

“You're my best friend, Lou.” You wrap your arms around his waist. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“I love you, Y/N…” he whispers, kissing the shell of your ear.

“I love you too, Louis.” You slightly nudge him. “Even though sometimes you are a carrot-head.”

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