1D IMAGINES! *open*

Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


14. Liam imagine--When I Was Your Man

Okay, soooooo. Here is my first preference and I’m starting off with a long Liam one because no one ever asks for Liam and it makes me sad. :-)

Here we go!

These next four are based on Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man. GO LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE ITS LIKE ALKFJDLKJF SLAFKJA!

Liam –My heart breaks a little when I hear  your name…

Liam took a deep breath, and bounced on his toes as he waited for the elevator to stop moving.  This was the opportunity he had been waiting for his entire life—he thought of all the things he had done to get to this point in his career. Five years in Harvard, a year at Princeton, and half a semester at Yale…he was more than ready. The elevator dinged, letting him know that his time reminiscing was over.  He stepped out when the door opened, walking quickly over to the secretary’s desk. “Hello, I’m Liam Payne…I’m here for an interview with Harvey and Jonny?” He said, winking at the receptionist.  She giggled, and looked at him over her glasses.

“Well, Mr. Payne, take a seat, and they will be right with you.” He winked at her again, then took a seat by the window.  He propped his head up on his hand and stared out the window.  It was easy to imagine himself with a view like this, in an office like this, with power like this.  It was all he had ever wanted, all he had ever dreamed of doing.  His watchful gaze skimmed across the hundreds of people walking along the busy street when all of a sudden his eye fell on a familiar face.

What? His mouth went dry. I thought she left London… She was looking into a window at a chocolate shop. His mouth lifted in a half-smile. She had always loved chocolate.  Her dog jumped at the window, and she turned away, kneeling next to him.  She took his face in her hands and talked to him, and he wriggled in delight. He tried to tear himself away, but he couldn’t.  Something was making him watch her.  She flipped her long straight blonde hair over her shoulder, and pulled on the dog’s leash. He followed her obediently, and they disappeared into the sea of people. 

I wonder if she ever thinks about us… He shook his head again.  Who cares anymore? I can’t deal with this right now. I have to focus on this interview. The most important interview of my life.  And besides…it’s been a year. I need to move on. He sighed, and put his head in his hands. Move on, Payne. Just move on.


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