1D IMAGINES! *open*

Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


23. For Sammie

For Sammie

“You love me…Real, or not real?” I sniffed and dabbed at my eyes with a tissue.  I had reached the end of Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games series.  Why does everyone have to die?  What a horrible ending!  I blew my nose and hurled the book at the door.  Just then, my phone beeped.  I picked it up, and instantly, my heart began to beat a little faster.  Niall’s face was on the screen.  He was my best friend and lived right below me and my family’s apartment.  Grinning, I pressed answer.

“Hey, Niall.” I said.

“You finished Mockin’jay, didn’t ya?” His thick Irish accent came through the phone. 

“Howdja know?” I asked, flipping over onto my stomach and grinning again. Sometimes it was scary how well Niall knew me.

“I could hear ya throw the book.  Horrible ending, huh?”

“Tell me about it.”

“Ya busy?”

“Nah, throwing things in my room.  Why?”

“I’m goin’ ta get some ice cream. Wanna come?”

“Do you breathe air? I’ll be down in a minute!” I hung up the phone, and grabbed my jacket, pulling it on over my cami.  I ran out the door, yelling to my mum where I was going.  I stomped down the stairs, and hurried to the lobby, where Niall waited, leaning against the wall, grinning.  I jumped on his back, and he groaned.

“Do I havta carry ya everywhere ya go?”


“Why?” He grunted as he walked with me out the door.  I reached over and patted his cheek.

“Because you need to work out a little more.”

“Geesh, yer heavy.” He complained.  I gave a little gasp, and wriggled down immediately.

“Sorry…” I whispered, hurrying ahead.  He winced and grabbed my hand, pulling me back.

“Sam, I was just kiddin’. I promise.  I would never tease ya about somethin’ that’s true. I’m sorry—I wasn’t thinkin’.  Yer the perfect size—see?” He grabbed me around the waist and tossed me over his shoulder.  “I could carry ya around all day!” He jumped with each step, and I couldn’t hold back a giggle as I bounced up and down on his shoulder.  “Now where’s that smile I love?” He asked, setting me down and cocking his head at me. I shrugged, and he tapped my chin up with his fingers. “Shammy? Vere’s dat shmile? Vere’s dat pretty vittle shmile dat I wuv sho much?” (AN: If you can’t read what he’s trying to say, then read it out loud… Sorry, I just thought this was funny! :D) I tried not to laugh, but a snort escaped.  Niall grinned at me. “There it is.” He whispered, squeezing my hand gently.  I blushed.

“Let’s go get ice cream!” I suddenly yelled as I turned and dragged him down the sidewalk.  He laughed as he stumbled after me.  The ice cream store was only about a minute down the road, so we were soon there.  I bounced on my toes as I studied the menu. “Um…I’ll have…uh…oh…the...um…”

“Someone’s indecisive…” Niall muttered from behind me.  I shoved his shoulder.

“There’s so many! I don’t know what to have!”

“Do what I do!” Niall closed his eyes, spun around a few times, then pointed randomly to a flavor on the menu.  He opened his eyes, and peered at what he had chosen. “Looks like this time I’m gonna have Rocky Road. Large, please.” He said to the boy behind the counter,

“Okay, and for you, love?” the boy asked, winking at me.  I felt my face warm in a blush.

“Um…Birthday Bash, please. Medium.”  I stammered. The boy winked again, and nodded.  I suddenly felt an arm around my waist, and I turned to see Niall glaring at the boy. “Niall.” I whispered, putting my hand on his arm. He looked at me, blue eyes flashing. “Take a chill pill.” I hissed. A funny look crossed his features, and he nodded, backing off a little.

“Here ya go, babe.” The boy suddenly said, handing me my ice cream, and nearly throwing Niall’s at him, smearing it all over my friend’s hand in the process.  I handed him my napkin, and the boy groaned. “Great, now I have to write my number all over again!” I blushed, and Niall growled.

“Get yer own.” He grunted, his Irish accent becoming thicker with anger as he grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

“Niall! What the heck was that?” I complained.

“What was that? What was that?!?!” Niall hissed. He ran a hand through his hair and flexed his jaw.  I tried to remind myself that I was mad at him and should not be thinking how utterly sexy he looked when he was annoyed.  “He was flirtin’ with ya!”

“So?” I asked. “I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m single, Niall! I don’t have a boyfriend, so its completely okay for boys to flirt with me!”

“No, it’s not!” Niall yelled back. “It’s not okay with me!” In one motion, he dropped his ice cream cone, grabbed me around the waist, and crashed his lips on top of mine.  My eyes widened in shock, and I felt my ice cream fall from my hand.  Tingles of electricity ran up and down my body, and as he pulled away, I gently touched my lips. 

“What…” I whispered.

“I like you, Sam.” Niall said softly. “Like, really like you.” I smiled, and raised my hand, threading it through his hair.

“Finally.” I whispered, then pulled his head down again for another kiss.

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