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Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


24. For Nicki

For Nicki

(AN: No hate against Eleanor in this fanfic… I ship her and Louis! I just thought it would create more drama.)

I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed angrily.  He’s late. Again.  I was a reporter for Star magazine, and I had been trying to interview Liam Hemsworth for almost three weeks.  I shook my head and waved the waiter over, asked for the check, and stomped out of the restaurant.   I just wanted to go home to my boyfriend, and watch movies all night.

As I pulled in, I saw an unfamiliar car in me and Harry’s driveway, along with Harry’s.  My heart started to pound, and I shut off my car.  I opened my car door, and hurried to the front door, cracking it open a bit.  I didn’t see anything, but I heard murmured voices coming from Harry and my room.  I tip-toed over to the door, and tried to listen in.  I recognized Eleanor Calder, my best friend and Harry’s best friend’s girlfriend, and Harry’s voice, too.

“…can’t keep doing this to him, Harry.” Eleanor hissed. “It’s wrong!”

“He’ll never find out! And let’s not forget, you're the one that started this in the first place.” I felt my face tighten up, as I tried to figure out what they were talking about.

“Harry…I love Louis…really, I do.” She sniffed. “It’s not right that we keep doing what we’re doing…”

“Then why do you keep coming around?” Harry snapped. I held back a gasp. He’s cheating on me? With Eleanor?!? I stepped away from the door, my hands pressed to my mouth. 

“We never should have started this.  I’m with Louis, you're with Nicki…It’s just not right, Harry!”

“You can be with Lou and me. I can be with you and Nicki. They’ll never find out.” Through the small space between the door and the door frame, I saw Harry rub Eleanor’s arms, and she sagged into him, embracing him tightly.  I felt a huge hole start to open in my heart.  A fire spread throughout my body, and I smashed the door open.  Eleanor screamed and Harry gasped. “Nicki! You're not supposed to be home yet!”

“Oh, sorry, did I interrupt your little love fest?” I sneered, gesturing to Eleanor, who was quivering in Harry’s arms.

“Babe, it’s not what you think.” Harry said gently, raising his hand.

“I’m not deaf, Styles. I can hear you two talking.” I snapped. I glared at Eleanor. “Get out of here before I stick my foot up a place that will not be very comfortable for you.” Eleanor immediately pulled away from Harry and hurried from the room.  I crossed my arms over my chest, and looked fiercely at Harry, what was staring at the floor.

“How long was this going on?” I asked.

“Couple months.” He muttered.

“A couple months.” I repeated, shaking my head. We stood silently for a minute, then he looked up guiltily.

“Well, aren’t you gonna yell at me?” He asked. I scoffed, and stared at him.

“No. What’s the use? You’ll blame anything and everything but yourself.” I pushed past him, and started digging in my closet.

“W-W-What are you doing?” Harry stuttered.

“Packing my bags.” I said simply, pulling my suitcase out and grabbing some clothes out of the closet.  Harry gasped.

“No, Nicki, please, no…I’m sorry, I swear, I’ll never cheat again, just please don’t move out, please, babe, I love you! Please don’t go!” He grabbed my arm, and I shook him off as I zipped up my bag.

“We’re over, Harry.” I said, tears pricking my eyes. “We are so over.” I pulled my bag behind me as I walked out the door, Harry trailing behind.

“No, baby, please don’t do this, please, please don’t do this! It’s was all my fault, please don’t make me go through this, don’t leave me alone!”

“Good bye, Harry.” I walked out to my car, and he chased after me.

“Nick, please!”

“Goodbye, Harry.” I slammed my car door in his face, and he started hitting the hood, trying to get my attention. I pulled away from the house, tears running down my face, my heart aching.  

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