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Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


11. For Lucy

For Lucy
AN: Thanks so much for the request! Haha, I literally live for these things!!!! :) When I got this request, I was at Family Camp with…my family(duuuuhhhh)… and I was like, “UGH I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT, BECAUSE I HAVE TO THINK OF A SENARIO, UGHGHHGHG. And then I was like… O.o what if I have Harry at CAMP!?!?!?!!?!  And thus, this fanfic was born. *spreads hands dramatically* hope you like this!!!!!



Let the story…


Harry’s POV

It all started out as a pretty normal day. We were in America, touring in New York at the time.  Zayn was sleeping, Liam was texting his girlfriend, Sophia, Louis was amusing himself by taking pictures of Zayn as he snored, and Niall was—surprise, surprise—eating. He had smuggled a bag of takeout Nando’s and was happily munching away. I was trying to think of something profound to say about America on Twitter, and finally decided.

@Harry_Styles-- All you Americans are so strange. You drive on the wrong side of the road! ;P #WeirdAmericans

Within a minute, my comment had over a million favorites and more than that retweeted. I noticed #WeirdAmericans was trending, and I shook my head with a laugh. Directioners…Our girls… gotta love ‘em. I read some of the replies.

@hobbit_ofnarnia—Yeah, we are. But that’s the way we like it! Haha! Love you @Harry_Styles

@LivLittleThings-- Haha, or maybe British people drive on the wrong side of the road? Haha! ;) @Harry_Styles

@Abbyluvs1d— RT  “@Harry_Styles All you Americans are so strange. You drive on the wrong side of the road! ;)” I will start driving on the other side of the road now!

I winced at that one, and put up a new tweet. @Harry_Styles—Just a quick reminder to stay safe, and always drive on the side of the road that is correct in your country!

@Louis_Tomlinson-- @Harry_Styles, nice save, mate. ;)  I looked up and Louis smirked at me. I rolled my eyes. Suddenly we all lurched forward as the bus came to a screeching halt. Zayn moaned as he rolled off the couch, and he landed on the floor. Keeping his eyes closed, he grabbed for the blanket that was previously wrapped around him. Finding it, he pulled it down with him and went back to sleep.  “Louis, what did you do?” Liam asked.

“Why is it that every time something goes wrong, everyone always blames me?” Louis complained.

“Because most of the time you did something.” Niall pointed out. I shrugged.

“He’s got a point, Lou.” Louis stuck his tongue out at me.

“Well, actually, it’s not Lou’s fault this time.” Paul called from the door. “The engine seems to have shut down. We need to go find help. Wake Zayn up and get your stuff. We’re going to be walking for a bit.”


“I’m HUNGRY!” Niall whined. I dug in my pocket for something to give him, but I didn’t have anything other than a half melted Milk Dud. I tossed it to him, and he grimaced. “I’m hungry, not suicidal.”

“Hey, look over there!” Louis pointed. We saw a sign that said Camp Elmwood. We stared down the long driveway.


“Excuse me, is someone here?” Paul called as we walked into what looked like the main office.

“Just a minute!” We heard someone call. Then a medium sized blonde girl hurried from a back room. She wore a plaid button down shirt that showed her figure very nicely, and flare dark blue jeans with boots not unlike my own. Her blonde hair was long, and the bangs were pulled up and braided behind her head, and her blue eyes twinkled. “Hello, welcome to Camp Elmwood.” She said , brushing some stray hair out of her eyes. She smiled, and held out her hand. “I’m Lucy. My father owns this camp.”

“Hello.” Paul shook her hand. “I’m Paul. Our bus broke down a couple of miles from here, and we were wondering if you have a phone we could borrow?”

“Oh, yeah sure.” She reached into his pocket and handed him her cell phone. Paul nodded his thanks and retreated to the front room to talk. Lucy glanced up at the other boys as she picked up some papers on the desk. “Are you guys on like a road trip or something?” She asked, leaning on the front of the desk.

“Actually we’re a band. We’re currently on tour.” Liam said.

“Oh, that’s fun!” She said. “What's the band name? Anyone I’d know?”

“One Direction?” Zayn asked. Lucy gasped, and dropped the papers, her hands flying to her mouth.

“Oh, my gosh, I’m so stupid. I didn’t even recognize you!” she squealed. Her face turned bright red. “Oh, I’m so embarrassed.”

“No, its actually rather refreshing that you didn’t recognize us.” Louis laughed.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I really don’t listen to you guys very often. I’m usually working around here. So...” Lucy covered her face. “I don’t even know your names.”

“That’s fine.” Liam said, chuckling. “I’m Liam Payne.”

“Zayn Malik.”

“Niall Horan.”

“I’m Jennifer!” Louis yelled. Lucy looked at him and he smirked. “Also known as Louis ‘The Tommo’ Tomlinson.”

“And I’m Harry Styles.” I said, catching her gaze. She looked at me, and I blushed, glancing away. She was really pretty, and when she looked at me, butterflies flew around in my stomach.

“So where are you headed?” Lucy asked.

“We’re going to…Toronto, I think.” I said.

“Oh, cool.” She tucked her stray hair behind her ears. “It must be fun being with these guys so much,” She added.

“Ehhhhh…” I shrugged.

“Well…” Zayn shrugged.

“UM…” Niall scratched his head.

“Yeaaaahhh…” Louis ran a hand through his hair.

“Louis screams, Zayn snores, Niall farts and Harry tweets.” Liam said. Lucy started laughing.

“I do not!” Niall yelled.

“I NEVER SCREAM!” Louis screamed.

“I don’t snore!” Zayn defended himself.

“Yeah, I tweet a lot.” I shrugged. Lucy giggled, one of the cutest giggles I had ever seen.

“So, they said that it’s too late to come out and pick us up, so we need to find a place to stay.” Paul said, sighing as he came into the room again. “Simon said he’ll be here by morning.”

“We have cabins here…” Lucy offered, “If you want to stay…” Paul looked at the boys. Everyone looked at Liam, who nodded.

“Daddy Direction says yes!” Louis yelled.

“C’mon, I’ll show you where they are.” Lucy grabbed a keychain and stuffed it in her back pocket. He jeans were showing her curves very well, and it was a nice view as she walked in front of us, if you know what I mean.

What? I’m a nineteen year old guy! Don’t look at me like that!

Louis noticed me looking at Lucy, and he nudged me, winking. I felt my face redden, and I blushed. Stop… I mouthed. He smirked, and shook his head. I hurried faster so I could walk with her. “So do you live here?” I asked.

“Yeah, with my father.” She turned down a smaller path, and stopped in front of a cabin. “Here you guys go. There’s  about five separate rooms and a couch in there.” She handed Paul the key. “I have to go to the barn and do some chores, but call me if you need me!” She waved, and started to walk away. Louis shoved me, and I glared at him. GO!!! He mouthed, shoving me again. I sighed, and hurried after Lucy.

“Hey, wait up!” She stopped and turned.

“Yeah, Harry?” She asked.

“C-can I come with you? I like horses and stuff like that.” I stuck my hands in my pockets awkwardly.

“Sure! I can always use the extra hand!” She smiled, and hurried down the path, me right on her heels.


“…So then I wake up, and I have straight hair! Turns out that Louis and Liam straightened it in the middle of the night.” Lucy laughed again as she cleaned up the rest of the things we used to muck the stalls.

“That’s funny.” She looked at me. “I’ll bet you look cute with straight hair.”

“Are you saying I don’t look cute now?” I teased.

“No. You look handsome now. There’s a difference between cute and handsome.” She winked at me, and turned around, hanging up the broom. I grabbed her around the waist and she squealed.

“You think I’m handsome?” I asked teasingly.

“Maaaaybe.” She squirmed until she turned around in my arms.

“Really. That’s nice…” I leaned forward, so I could whisper into her ear. “Because I think you're beautiful.” She shivered, and looked up at me. I leaned forward a little more, and our noses brushed.

“Harry…” She whispered. “We’ve just met. I don’t think…”

“You're right. You're right. I’m sorry.” I stepped away. She smoothed the front of her shirt. “So…Do you need anything else—“ I started, but suddenly she surged forward, grabbed the front of my shirt, and kissed me. I froze, and then she gently pulled away.

“I needed to do that…at least once.” She whispered. I grinned, and was about to reply, when I heard Paul calling my name.

“Harry, Simon’s here! He came as fast as he could. We should go.”

“Coming!” I grabbed her hand and pulled a pen from my pocket, scrawling my number and a call me! In her hand. “Text me later?” I said as I backed out of the barn. She looked down at her hand, and smiled.

“Absolutely!” She called, waving. As Simon drove us off to the bus to get our things, I turned and saw her in the review mirror. She lifted her hand in a wave, and I waved back, a stupid smile on my face.

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