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Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


8. For Lizzie

Dear Diary…

There are…two days left till prom. As usual, I’m going as a wallflower. The boy I really want to ask me, Niall Horan, never would. Never in a million years. (See what I did there? XD) I mean, he is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Insert dreamy sigh…But I’m just…. Me. He is my best friend. I can’t show him that I like him…It would ruin everything.

I’m so confused…

Lizzie <3

I put down my pen and sighed. Suddenly, there is a knock at my door. “It’s open!” I called. The door opened, and my mother poked her head in.

“Lizzie, you need to come downstairs!” I jumped up and ran down the stairs. I jerked to a stop in the kitchen. There was a single rose in a vase on the counter. My hands jumped to my mouth, and I gasped. “It’s for you!” My mom whispered. I slowly walked forward and sniffed the rose. I love these flowers…but  no one knows that, except…mom. I turned.

“Did you—“

“No!” My mother held up her hands. “I promise! They were just delivered!” I turned back and smelled it again. They smelled heavenly. I took the note off the vase, and read it.

Dear Lizzie,
Go to the place that you first learned how to swim. :)
And no, this is not a prank.

It was signed P on the back. I tilted my head in thought. Who do I know who has the initial p? I shrugged. “Mom, I’ll be back. I’m going to the pool really fast.”


I walked out to the small community pool, and breathed in the faint smell of the chlorine. I stuck my hands in my jacket pockets, and shivered in the cool autumn wind. Suddenly I heard a throat being cleared. I whirled around, and there stood Louis Tomlinson, a boy from my school. He stuck one hand in his jean jacket pocket. He grinned and handed me a rose. My heart sank. It wasn’t Niall. “Well, don’t look so disappointed!” Louis teased. “Don’t worry. It’s not me. I’m going with Eleanor.” He waved, and walked away.

“Wait, can’t you give me a hint?” I asked, but he just waved and kept walking. “Thanks for your help, Lou!” I yelled at his back.

“Read the note, genius!” he yelled back, before he turned the corner. I looked down at the note that was attached to the rose.

Dear Lizzie,
One word—Kat. Go to where you found your precious kitty. :) xx

There was an R on the back. I shook my head and started walking.


“Steve’s Pet Supplies,” I said, looking up at the sign. I remembered when I had found Kat, my little Siamese kitten.  I found him when I was about ten years old, and immediately dubbed the kitten…Kat. With a k. Kat the cat. I was a very original child.

“So, you gonna buy something?” I jumped, and turned. Another friend of mine, Harry Styles, stood there, smirking at me. “Maybe a pussy-cat or something?”

“No, I have one, thanks.” I turned and watched the dogs in the window. Harry stood next to me.

“Here you go.” He handed me a rose, and started walking away. I stared at the flower, then looked at his back.

“Harry, who is doing this?” I asked. Harry turned, lifted his shoulders in a shrug, then adjusted his beanie and walked away. I sighed, and read the note.

Dear Lizzie,
I know this is driving you crazy…but it’s actually kinda funny… :)
Go to the school where you got your first award.

It had an O on the back. I sighed, and headed for the elementary school.


I hurried up to the school. The first award I had ever gotten was for Best Behaved Student. It was really embarrassing, because everyone called me a goody two shoes. I made my way over to the swings, and sat down, slowly swinging my legs.

“Hey, stranger.” I turned, and my cousin, Zayn Malik walked up.

“Hey, Zayn.” I sighed. “I’m guessing you have a note for me?”

“Well, I sure ain’t asking you to prom.” He snickered, and handed me the rose.

“Ugh, I’d rather go with Zac Efron.” I smirked. he knew I hated that actor.

 “Well, I would take you…” Zayn teased, “But I’m taking Perrie.” He blushed, and I whistled, trying to embarrass him. He turned to walk away.


“No, I cant tell you who’s sending these notes.” He said without looking back. I sighed, and looked down.

Dear Lizzie,
It’s almost time for you to meet me. I hope you won’t be disappointed. :)
You're almost done. Go to the library.

There was an M on the back. I started walking.


I walked up to the library. This was actually kinda random. “Hey, Lizzie!” I sighed, and turned.  Liam Payne, Zayn’s best friend, ran up. “Here!” He said, then ran away. I looked down at the rose he handed me, and smiled.

Dear Lizzie,
One more note and then you're done! :)
Go to the place where dreams come true…
And no, not Disneyland. Xx

There was a question mark on the back. I frowned in thought, then suddenly I knew. The creek where me and Niall always used to play when we were younger. We used to call it Dreamland. I started to run.


I walked through the trees, my heart pounding. “Hello?” I asked, as I reached the creek. No one was there. I sighed. “Is anyone here?”

“Hey, Lizzie.” I whirled around, and there stood Niall Horan, grinning at me. I felt my heartbeat increase.

“It was you?” I whispered.

“Yup. Your cousin and Liam agreed to help, and Liam got Lou and Harry to join in.” Niall blushed. “Did you keep the notes?”


“Flip them over and put them in the order you got them in.” I grabbed the notes from my pocket, and quickly sorted them. P…R…O…M…? I dropped the notes and gasped. I looked up, and Niall brought his hands out from behind his back.

“Lizzie Helton, will you go to prom with me?” He asked, presenting me with a bouquet of roses. I pressed my hands to my mouth and tears came to my eyes.

“Yes!” I managed to squeak. Niall breathed a sigh of relief.

 “That was the scariest moment of my life. I kid you not.” He handed me the flowers, and I took them, then stuck my nose into the bouquet and sniffed. “Am I allowed to hug you?” He asked softly, blushing. I giggled.

“Yes.” I said. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and I let my arms slide around his shoulders. He lowered his head, and our noses brushed.

“Am I allowed to kiss you?” he murmured.

“Yes…” I breathed. He grinned softly, then lowered his head and pressed his lips to mine. I felt my eyes drift shut, and my foot lifted in an Anne Hathaway move.  He pulled me closer, and lifted one hand, stroking my cheek. I heard wolf whistles from the woods and Niall pulled away, blushing.

“I GOT PICTURES!” Louis screamed. Harry whistled shrilly.

“Niall’s got a girlfriend!” Zayn teased. Liam shrugged apologetically.

“Sorry, I tried to hold them off.” He called. Niall kept one arm around me as we walked toward our friends. I sniffed the roses again. Best day ever.

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