1D IMAGINES! *open*

Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


28. For Kendell

For Kendell

Ugh. Another horrible day at work. I was getting sick of the constant screaming of my boss, the continuous bragging of my coworkers, and everyone thinking that they were superior to me just because they were available 24\7 because they have no lives other than work. I have children to take care of while my husband is on tour! I flip open my wallet and stare at the picture of my daughter in her football jersey. Blair is fourteen now--she looks a bit like me, with my brunette hair, but her attitude is exactly like Louis, my husband. She and him are constantly playing FIFA and football together, and there's no sort she isn't good at. My six year old son, Noah, however, is quite the opposite. He is an artist--he enjoys drawing and painting, and he is continuously going over to his Uncle Zayn and Aunt Perrie's house to help Zayn with his current artistic project. Noah is very quiet, just like Zayn, and no matter how hard he tried to play sports, he just never picked up the skill. Blair tries to teach him, but she always gives up.  I smile at the picture in my wallet as I ride the bus home. My two kids are sitting in front of me and Louis, and my husband has his arm around me. I snap my wallet shut and sigh as the bus comes to a halt. Standing up, I grab my bag from the carrier and slip it over my shoulder, walking down the steps. I smother a yawn as I walk the block to my house. I still have Christmas cookies to make, Chistmas cards to write, the house to decorate, the tree to set up, presents to wrap...I have so much to do I could cry. And to top it all off, Louis isn't going to be home for Christmas. I pull out my keys and unlock the door, stepping inside. "Blair, sweetie! I'm home!" Strange. All the lights are off. I set the keys on the counter and walk further into the kitchen. "Blair? Noah? I'm home!" Still silence, then I hear a giggle come from the family room.  "Sh, Noah!" A voice hisses.  I grin, and walk into the room. Suddenly the lights flip on, and Blair and Noah jump out from behind the couch.  "SURPRISE!" Noah screamed.  "We set up the tree!" Blair said proudly. I smile at her.  "I see! How did you get it up from the basement--it's so heavy!"  "Daddy helped-" Noah begins, and Blair slaps her hand over his mouth.  "Mandy, from next door, came over and helped." She says, glaring at her little brother. "We filled out the Christmas cards, and decorated the rest of the house too!" She adds, grinning. I smile and hug my children.  "Is there anything you didn't do?" Noah giggles.  "Can we give you your Christmas present now?" He asks. I raise an eyebrow.  "But it's not Christmas yet!"  "Doesn't have to be Christmas for a present, now does it, Kenz?" I gasp, and whirl around. Louis Tomlinson stands in the door, grinning like an idiot, with a bow taped onto his head. "Merry Christmas, baby," he says, holding out his arms. I leap forward and throw myself into his embrace, feeling tears running their course down my cheeks.  "You're here. You're really here." I kept saying over and over.  "I'm here. I'm really here." He whispers into my ear. "And I'm not going anywhere."   AN: sorry if this sux, I typed it out on my iPod at 12:30 at night. :) enjoy, fellow Louis girl!
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