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Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


26. For Katelyn



For Katelyn

Hair. Check. Nice jeans. Check. Shoes. Check. Makeup. MAKEUP! I yelped and leapt for my bathroom. How could I have been so stupid!? Now I’m gonna look like a ghost! The doorbell rang, and I groaned. No time now…I’m just gonna have to go looking like a complete slob.  Great first date.  I hurried downstairs, and opened the door.  Louis grinned at me, and bounced on his toes. 

“Hey, Katelyn!” He beamed.

“Hey, Louis. Just let me grab my purse, and we can jet!” I snatched my purse off the table, and walked back over.  He fake bowed, and I giggled as he led me to his car.

“Milady, your royal steed!” He grinned. I giggled again.

“It is amazing, Sir Knight.” I ran my hand over the glossy finish of the yellow Corvette.

“Only the best for the most beautiful girl in town.” He winked, and I blushed. “It’s not mine, though, so be careful.” He warned as he helped me in. “I borrowed it from my mate, and if anything happens to it, then he’ll have my head.” He shut the door behind me and hurried to the driver’s side, getting in.

“Your friend is very nice to have trusted you with this!” I said. Louis gave a sort of snicker.

“Yeah, he’s alright.” He started the car, and drove down the road. “You can turn on the radio, if you want.” I flipped it on, and jumped as Little Mix blasted out.

“Um…is your friend a girl?” I asked, turning the volume down and nodding along with the catchy beat of Wings.  He snickered.

“No, he just likes Perrie Edwards.”

“Ah.” We joked around for a little while, and Louis started warbling along in a really bad singing voice along with Taylor Swift (AN: Again, no hate! Just using her as an example!) I giggled and started singing along.

Cuz I knew you were trouble when you walked in,
So shame on me no-o-ow!”
Louis howled. I was laughing hysterically, and he grinned over at me.  “Take it away, Katie!” He said.

You took me to places I’ve never bee-en,
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground!”
I finished.

OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH! TROUBLE, TROUBLE, TROUBLE! Oh! Oh! Trouble, trouble, trouble!!!” Louis screamed.  I started laughing again.

“You have a beautiful voice, Lou.” I giggled.

“Oh, really? I think I sound just like Swifty!”  Louis said in a femy voice. I started giggling again. “You sound so cute when you giggle.” He said, glancing over at me as he turned into a small park.  I blushed, and he grinned. “We’re here!” He yelled as he stopped the car.  I glanced out the window.


“Our date, silly.” Louis lightly slapped my head, and I pushed him back. I started to open the car door, but Louis cleared his throat. “Don’t you dare.” He ordered, opening his door and hurrying to my side.  He opened my door, and I rolled my eyes.

“You don’t have to so that every time there’s a door, Louis.”

“Um, yeah I do.” He said, rolling his eyes right back at me. “Shall we?” He asked, holding out his hand. I grinned, and took it—the next thing I know, Louis is running away from me, screaming, “Tag, you're it!” I stood there open-mouthed for a moment, then took off after him, laughing. This is the strangest date I have ever been on.

Louis and I ran around the small park, acting like complete weirdoes.  We climbed on the slides, and tried to slide down—Louis actually got his rear end stuck in the middle of the slide, and sat there and pouted about it while I took pictures and laughed at him.  We both got stuck trying to fit in the little baby swings on the swing set, and this time, Louis was taking pictures of me trying to get out of it.  We rode the merry-go-round thing so many times that we both actually were staggering around and a little old lady yelled at us for getting drunk underage.  Eventually, it got too dark for us to do anything else, so Louis drove us to Crisco, where we both got pints of ice cream, then drove out to a small over pass that looked over the town, and ate our ice cream, talking about Oreos.







“Okay, okay, okay!” Louis raised his hands, and shook his head. “Cookie, cookie.”

“Thank you.” I nodded, chomping down on my plastic spoon filled with ice cream. “YOW! TEETH FREEZE!” I yelped. Louis started laughing at me, and I smacked his arm. “It’s not funny!” I whined. “This really hurts!”

“You have some ice cream on your cheek.” He chuckled.

“Where?” I swiped at my cheek with my sleeve, and he shook his head.

“Here, I’ll get it.” He lifted his hand and wiped my cheek gently.  I blushed, and he grinned. “Why are you blushing?” He teased. “Embarrassed that you're a messy eater?”

“Only with ice cream, doofus.” I laughed, shoving his shoulder gently with my own.  He nudged me back, and we relaxed, our ice cream cups now on the top of the car, with us reclining on the hood, our backs on the windshield, watching the stars silently. “I had a lot of fun tonight.” I said suddenly.

“Yeah, me too.” Louis turned his head and smirked at me. “Next time, we’ll go to my place, and I’ll kill you at football.”

“I doubt it, Tommo,” I laughed. “I’m ace at football.”

“It’s on.” He said, and held out his hand. I shook it, then we were silent again.  He cleared his throat. “Sooooo…”  I gave him a strange look, and he cleared his throat again, then slowly stretched, putting his arm around my shoulders. I looked at him, and he gave an awkward chuckle. “Wow, it’s a little chilly out.” He said quickly, trying to make up a reason to hold me like he was.

“Louis, it’s nearly sixty five. That’s not chilly.”

“Shut up. I’m being romantic.” He said. I scoffed, and he slapped his hand over my mouth. “It’s much more romantic when you don’t talk.” I licked his hand, and he pulled away with a very unmanly shriek. “You….peasant!”

“So romantic.” I cooed, pinching his cheek. He scowled, and I laughed. “Louis, how do you even look cute when you scowl?”

“I can’t help the fact that I’m gorgeous!” Louis flipped his hair. I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

AN: Hope you like this, Katelyn! If anyone wants an imagine, just comment below! The requirements are in the authors note at the front of the chapter. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!! Here's a picture of Louis for ya'll to stare at.... Gosh, he's hot. 


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