1D IMAGINES! *open*

Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


4. For Hannah V. ;)

For my bestie, Hannah V. ;) :*

For Hannah V. ;)

Olivia answered the door. Her best friend, Hannah, stood there and clapped, jumping up and down. “WE’RE GOING TO A HOCKEY GAME! WE’RE GOING TO WATCH PEOPLE SMACK A PUCK AROUND AND FIGHT!!! WE HAVE SEATS RIGHT NEXT TO THE ICE!!1”

“I know.” Olivia grabbed her coat. “You’ve only told me thirty seven times.”

“I’M LIKE FREAKING OUT EXCITED!!!!!” Hannah jumped into the car and danced in her seat. Olivia sighed.

“You're making me wonder why I agreed to come with you.”

“Because you love me.” Hannah laid her head on Olivia’s shoulder. “AND I LOVE HOCKEY!” She added in a loud voice. Olivia shoved her off.

“Knock it off, goofball.” She said, grinning.


“OEMGEEEE!” Hannah bounced as she waited with Olivia to be let into the arena. “WE’RE GONNA WATCH A HOCKEY GAME!”

“Hey, Han, a little louder, please? They couldn’t hear you in L.A.” Olivia said, rolling her eyes. The doors opened, and Hannah grabbed Olivia’s arm, dragging her through the doors. She raced through the hall. “Hannah…I wanted to buy some popcorn!” Olivia whined.

“Fine.” Hannah let go of her friend’s arm. “I wanna see the players warm up.”

“Which means you wanna guy watch, cuz Tyler Ennis got married.” Olivia teased.

“You know me so well.” Hannah winked.

“Well, find one that I can stare at too.” Olivia giggled, then got in line to get a bag of popcorn. Hannah hurried into the arena and quickly found her and Olivia’s seats. She sat down and watched as the Buffalo Sabres skated out. Enroth…no.Ehrhoff…no. Tallinder…Ew. Wait a second…who the heck is that?!?!  Hannah’s mouth dropped as a younger boy skated onto the ice. He looked like he was about nineteen, with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes she could see from across the arena. Her mouth dry, Hannah stared at him. He skated over to the bench, and set his helmet down, then started talking with another boy Hannah didn’t recognize. The other boy looked a bit older, maybe twenty or so, and had long Justin Beiberish hair, and green eyes. The brown haired boy punched the blonde in the shoulder, and he punched him back. Hannah strained to read the name on the back of the blonde’s shirt. Horan… She quickly searched it into her phone, and smiled as his picture came up. Niall Horan, age 19, just drafted to the Buffalo Sabers right from college! Wow, he must be good. Suddenly there was a pounding on the glass. Hannah jumped, nearly dropping her phone and looked up. The blonde boy stood there, laughing. He lifted his hands to his chest, pushed his chin to his chest, slacked his mouth, and halfway closed his eyes, then pretended like he was texting. Hannah couldn’t help it—a laugh bubbled up inside her, and she started laughing. She went onto notepad and typed out, Didn’t recognize you, was looking up your name to see if you were any good. She held it up and the boy’s eyes moved back and forth as he read it; He laughed, and rolled his eyes. He lifted his hand and made the so so sign. Suddenly the brown haired boy slammed into the blonde, and screamed something that sounded like, GET YOUR REAR ONTO THAT ICE RIGHT NOW, NIALLER! Niall made a face, waved at Hannah, then skated away.

“Whoa, who is that?” Hannah jumped again, as Olivia stood next to her, staring at Niall’s back.

“Niall Horan. He just got drafted. He’s hot.”

“Who? Oh, the blonde. Yeah, I guess he’s okay…I was talking about that one!” Olivia pointed to the brown haired boy. “I know he’s new. What’s his name? He is hot!” Hannah read the back of his shirt.

“Tomlinson. I think his name is Louis or something.”

“Daaaaaaang!” Olivia whistled. “That’s some hot stuff, right there.”

“Tell me about it.” Hannah’s eyes rested on Niall again. Louis looked over and his eyes fell on Olivia as he skated by. His eyes widened, and he kept staring at her as he skated. “Um, Liv, he’s looking at you.” Hannah hissed.

“I know…” Olivia squealed softly. Louis smiled and waved, but didn’t look where he was going…and smashed into the glass. Olivia and Hannah gasped, and Olivia’s hands flew to her mouth. Niall started laughing so hard that his skates flew out from under him, and he crashed into the ice, still laughing. Hannah put a hand over her face. Oh, this game is going to go well…


It was the end of the game. The score was tied. Hannah and Olivia were jumping up and down, cheering as Niall skated onto the ice. It was a shootout. If Niall made this goal, Buffalo would win in the Stanley Cup for the first time in…well, ever. He skated out to the center, and the ref told him what to do. He turned, and his gaze locked on Hannah. He pointed to her, then at the goal, then at her again. Hannah’s heart stopped in her throat. Olivia squealed. “OMEGEEEE!” She shrieked, jumping up and down, grabbing Hannah’s arm.

“NIALL! NIALL! NIALL!” The crowd roared. Niall’s eyes rested on Hannah. She bounced up and down.

“NIALL! NIALL! NIALL!” Hannah screamed, clapping wildly and jumping up and down. Olivia joined in, and they wailed as one, “NIALL! NIALL! NIALL!” Niall turned, took a deep breath, and then the ref blew his whistle. Niall started slowly skating, and he picked up speed, swishing the puck from side to side. Suddenly he shot it…the goalie leapt and…and…and...it slipped right past the goalies glove into the net! Hannah screamed. Olivia screamed. The rest of the Sabres screamed. The entire Buffalo side of the stadium screamed. Niall lifted his stick in the air and yelled, turning his face up to the sky. The Flyers goalie sank to his knees, and slammed his fist into the ice. His teammate swarmed onto the ice and surrounded him, Louis pushing ahead of the pack. He slammed into the younger boy, screaming shrilly. Olivia and Hannah shrieked, grabbing each other and jumping up and down, crying. Someone handed Niall the trophy, and he lifted it in triumph, skating around the side of the arena with the entire team trailing behind him. He skated right up to where Olivia and Hannah, were still jumping up and down, knocked on the glass, and mouthed to Hannah, For you! Louis skated after him, and winked at Olivia. The friends looked at each other, and started screaming even more.


Hannah and Olivia slowly calmed down, and sighed. They were the only ones left in the arena. Hannah sighed. “That was the best game ever!”

“Hey, we have the VIP seat! That means we can go onto the ice!” Olivia bounced. “C’mon!” The friends hurried onto the ice, and started sliding around, giggling uncontrollably. Olivia fell and slid on her stomach the entire way down the ice. She slammed into the net. “Ow. I’m okay!”

“GOAL! AND Buffalo wins the Cup! What a win! What a win!” A yell came from the end of the arena. Hannah whirled around, and Niall and Louis skated out to meet them. They were dressed in regular clothes, and Niall stuck his hands in his jacket pockets as he coasted to a stop in front of Hannah. Louis continued and slid to a stop in front of Olivia, who grinned up at him from the ice.

“So, am I good?” Niall asked awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well, it’s still your first season and all…but judging by your performance tonight, I think you're amazing.” Hannah smiled. “Buffalo has never won a Cup. Never.”

“Well, now they have.” Niall’s eyes searched Hannah’s. “I dedicated it to you, ya know.”

“Yeah, I know.” Hannah blushed and looked down. Niall lifted Hannah’s chin up, and smiled.

“Wanna hang out sometime?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure.”

“How about Friday?” She nodded.

“That’s cool.”

“I’ll bring Lou, and you can bring your friend.” He grinned and nodded over her shoulder. “They seemed to hit it off.” Hannah turned, and Olivia was leaning on the glass. Louis rested an arm over her head, and was balancing there, talking to Olivia. Her face was pink, and she laughed every so often. Hannah turned back to Niall.

“I’d like that.”

“I’ve asked you out, and I don’t even know your name!” Niall laughed. Hannah giggled.

“I’m Hannah.”

“Hannah.” Niall repeated. “Well, I’ll see you Friday, Hannah. Meet you here?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Hey, Louis! Stop flirting and let’s go! We have an interview to get to!” Niall yelled. Louis jerked away from Olivia, his face pink. He said something to her, then leaned over and kissed her cheek. Olivia looked like she was going to faint. Louis pressed something into her hand, and skated away. Niall handed Hannah something, leaned forward, and kissed her gently. Hannah’s head spun, then Niall pulled away. “Bye!” he breathed, then skated away. Olivia walked up to her, still rubbing her cheek where Louis kissed her.

“I think I’m in love….” She whispered. Hannah stared at Niall’s retreating figure.

“Ditto,” she said softly.

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