1D IMAGINES! *open*

Can you tell by the cover? ITS ANOTHER 1D IMAGINE STORY!!!!!!!


2. For Ailisn

Sorry this took so long... I kinda got grounded.


OKAYYYYYY! YAY! My first 1D imagine! For ailish.horan! Haha, hope you like this…this is the first time I’ve ever written one of these... :) And thank you! I like your name too! XD

How Ailish met Niall

“Ailie. Ailie. Ailie. Ailie. Ailie. Ailie!!!!!”  I moaned and pulled the covers over my head.

“Just leave me here to die.”


“Why? What’s the use?”

“Ailie, I love you like a sister. You know this to be true. But you are getting on my nerves. Damien broke up with you weeks ago.” She leaned down to my ear. “GET OVER IT!”

“Don’t say that name in my presence.”

“Stop being dramatic. C’mon. We’re going to do something fun.”

“Like what?” I asked, sitting up and stretching.

“I don’t know…I didn’t think I’d get this far.” Suzy gasped. “LET’S GO TO THE ZOO!!!” I sighed. When Suzy was in this kind of mood, it was best to just roll with the tide.


“Aw, Ailie, look at the little penguins! Awen’t they just adowabow?” Suzy cooed.

“If you say so…” I grumbled, adjusting my jacket. Suzy glared over at me, then her eyes widened.

“Hot guy alert, three o’clock.” She hissed between her teeth. I slowly turned around like I was looking at the next exhibit, when I saw him. He had beach blonde hair with brown roots, and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. He wore a tee shirt that said Crazy MOFO on it, and black jeans. His eyes met mine. A blush covered his cheeks, and he glanced away.  I smiled, then turned my attention to Suzy.

“He’s cute.” I shrugged. Suzy rolled her eyes.

“Ailie, he was so checking you out.” She sighed as we walked over to the giraffes.

“Was not.”

“Whatever.” Suzy flipped her hair over her shoulder. “I’m going to get some lemonade. Want some?”

“Nah, I’m good.” I watched the giraffes as Suzy walked away. I smiled as one of them stuck his tongue out at me.

“They’re cool, aren’t they?” A light Irish accent sounded from behind me. I turned, and the cute blonde boy was there.  I shrugged.

“They’re kinda geometrically disproportionate.” I said. He laughed, and I felt myself get a little happier.

“That’s kinda true. And their tongues are blue.”

“It’s more of a purplish blue.”

He chuckled, then held out his hand. “I’m Niall Horan.”

“Ailish Wohlenberg.” The second I shook his hand, I felt sparks fly up and down my arms. I cleared my throat and pulled my hand away, sticking both of my hands into my pockets.

“So what’s your favorite animal?” Niall asked, leaning on the banister.

“Oh, I like everything. My favorite has to be the koala bear though!”

“You know you can hold a koala here.”

I gasped. “REALLY?!?!”

“Yeah, it’s all about who ya know.” Niall grinned. “And you know me. And I know the guy that runs the koala exhibit. Wanna go?”

“Do I!” I fired off a text to Suzy telling her that I was going to see the koalas, then I followed Niall down the small walkway to the koala exhibit. “Thanks, Niall,” I said.

“No problem.” He turned into a small building, and held the door open for me. I followed him and we walked down a small hallway. He turned and opened a door that said Private, Keep Out! I glanced over my shoulder, and followed behind him. He stopped, and I gasped. We were actually in the exhibit. Niall knelt down and whistled, and one of the koalas in the tree slowly looked over. Niall whistled again, and snapped his fingers close to the ground. The koala slowly got out of the tree and meandered over. It rubbed against Niall’s legs. Niall picked it up, and looked at me. “Wanna hold him?”

“Really?” I looked over my shoulder. “You're not gonna get in trouble, are you?”

“Nah.” Niall handed me the animal. It looked up at me with its big eyes, and I cooed. I heard a camera snap, and I looked up. Niall held his phone, and blushed a little bit.

“Sorry, that was just so cute.”

“I know…” I smiled at the koala in my arms. “They are so adorable!”

“I wasn’t talking about the koala…” I heard Niall murmur. I looked at him in surprise, and he blushed even more. “Hey, I know I just met you and all…” He cleared his throat. “But do you wanna do this again sometime?”

“You mean…like a date?” I blinked innocently at him. He glanced at the ground.

“Um…yeah…I want to get to know you better.”

“Yeah, sure.” I balanced the koala on one hip, and dug out my phone with the other. “Here, put your name in the contacts.” He grinned at me, and quickly tapped something on the keyboard. I put the koala down and took my phone back. He had put his name in as Niall the Koala, and I giggled. I put my name in his phone as Ailish the Koala.

“AILIE!!!!” I jumped, and Niall and I turned. Suzy glared at me from behind the banister.  “YOU KNOW, USUALLY WHEN SOMEONE SAYS,’I’M GOING TO GO SEE THE KOALAS’, THEY USUALLY MEAN THAT THEY ARE GOING TO LOOK AT KOALAS! NOT SIT IN THE EXHIBIT AND EXCHANGE NUMBERS WITH A HOT GUY!” I blushed, and Niall chuckled.

“We should go anyway.” He led the way, and soon we were next to a steaming Suzy. “I’ll text you later, Ailie.” Niall said, squeezing my hand, then he winked and walked back toward the giraffes. Suzy looked at me.

“He better have a hot best friend, because otherwise, I am so telling your mother that you were in the koala exhibit with a dude.”


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