whats the truth

a young girl named Kaylee finds out that her dad has been lying to her about everything so she try's to run away and her best friend Jake wont let her unless he goes with her , when her dad finds her she and Jake escape into the woods and found a door in a tree and go throe it only to find themselves in royal times , now their in more trouble then before ,sense the kings daughter want Jake to be her husband and he says no she blames Kaylee and wants them both died will they ever find a place to be safe.


1. how could u !!

today i had to get a doctors appointment and they said they needed my birth certificate and when i gave them it they said it was not my birth certificate . later when i got home i talked to my dad "dad were is my birth certificate ?" " i gave you it " i was confused but didn't say anything more later i was on the computer doing my homework when a lost child thing came up ,i looked at it it said stolen an hour after birth in 1997 that is  when i was born and its description said black hair with blue eyes and has a birthmark shaped as a heart same as me it was getting creepy their was a number on the bottom and she called it they answered after talking for an hour they agreed to take a blood test tomorrow after school soo i went to bed . after school at the thing when we were waiting we started talking " so if this is positive that must mean i would be your daughter ?" then the doctor came out " its the same blood" i gasped what did this mean how did i ended up in my dads arms what was going on so i rushed out of the hospital what did this mean . when i got home i sa  my dad come out of my room " WHAT IS THIS!!!" i looked as he showed me the paper of me in the lost kid thing "what do u mean ?" trying not to sound scared " I SAW THIS ON UR COMPUTER !!' i was scared " i was just looking" then he started getting abusive and hit me so i ran out of the house.

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