My Brother's Best Friend *completed*

Jenni Tomlinson is, of course, Louis Tomlinson's little sister. They have been living alone for 3 years since their parents' death. Harry and Jenni are dating, but what happens when Louis finds out? Read 'My Brother's Best Friend' to find out more!


7. Chapter 7

3 months later

“Guys, we have an announcement to make!” Eleanor yelled.

Everyone ran downstairs.

“What happened? Are you ok?” Liam asked, alarmed.

“Well, I am… pregnant!” Eleanor said.

“And it’s a boy!” Louis said happily.

“Congratulations!” I said.

Harry looked nervous.

“Babe, are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes… but I also have an announcement to make…” Harry said. He got down on one knee.

“Harry…” I said.

“Jenni Elizabeth Tomlinson, I love you… Will you marry me?” Harry said, hands shaking.

“Yes!!” I screamed.

“So many announcements!” Eleanor said.

Zayn and Perrie walked in the front door.

“Hey guys!” Perrie said.

“Jenni… Is that a ring?” Zayn asked.

“Yes! Harry and I are engaged!” I said.

“Eleanor is pregnant!” Louis said.

“Congratulations!” Perrie said.

“Why are we the only ones who aren’t engaged or pregnant?” Summer whispered to Rylie.

Rylie laughed, “I’m not sure!”

“Let’s celebrate!” Liam said.

“Where?” Eleanor said.

“Just remember, you are pregnant! We have to be careful where we go…” Rylie said.

“We can’t celebrate… We have to go to the studio…” Harry said, disappointed.

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