My Brother's Best Friend *completed*

Jenni Tomlinson is, of course, Louis Tomlinson's little sister. They have been living alone for 3 years since their parents' death. Harry and Jenni are dating, but what happens when Louis finds out? Read 'My Brother's Best Friend' to find out more!


5. Chapter 5

“Where’s Louis?” she asked.

“I thought you were dead!” I said.

“I wanted you to think that…” she said, “Now let me ask you again. Where’s Louis?”

“At home…” I said.

“Show me…” she screamed.

“Well, I fucking can’t right now!” I yelled.

She took the duct tape off of my mouth. I got my pocket knife out and held it to her neck.

“Why the hell did you kidnap me and why do you want Louis?” I whispered.

“I won’t answer, so just kill me…” she said.

I slit her throat, and let her fall to the ground.

“Let’s go…” I said to Hunter.

“We need to get your friend…” Hunter said, walking into another room. I followed.

“Eleanor!” I said, and got the duct tape off her mouth.

“Who is this?” Eleanor asked, pointing to Hunter.

“Hunter… He helped my MUM kidnap us…” I said.

“Your mum? I thought she was dead!” Eleanor said.

“Well, she is now...” Hunter smirched.

We all got in Hunter’s car and he drove us home.

“Thanks Hunter…” I said, getting out of the car.

Once we got out, he drove off.

We walked inside.

“Jenni!” Harry screamed, and embraced her in a bone-crushing hug.

“Where were you?” Louis asked.

“Well, last night, we were kidnapped by…” Eleanor started.

“By who?” Louis asked.

“Mum…” I said.

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