My Brother's Best Friend *completed*

Jenni Tomlinson is, of course, Louis Tomlinson's little sister. They have been living alone for 3 years since their parents' death. Harry and Jenni are dating, but what happens when Louis finds out? Read 'My Brother's Best Friend' to find out more!


4. Chapter 4

The next day

I woke up in an empty room.

‘What happened?’ I thought.

A guy walked in.

“Hey Jenni…” he said.

“Hunter?” I asked.

Louis’s POV

“Where is Jenni?” I screamed.

“I don’t know… I haven’t seen her or Eleanor since yesterday…” Liam said.

“Did they ever come home after dress shopping?” Rylie asked.

“I never saw them…” Harry said.

“Where could they be?” I asked.

Eleanor’s POV


“Let’s go to Starbucks!” Jenni said.

As we walked down the sidewalk, two people came up to us.

One grabbed Jenni and knocked her out.

Another grabbed me, and everything went black.


I woke up to screaming.

“JENNI?!” I screamed, but it came out muffled.

Great, they put duct tape on my mouth.

Jenni’s POV

“Hunter?” I asked.

“Yes…” Hunter said.

“You kidnapped us?” I asked.

Another person walked in.

“Hey Jen…” a female voice said.

“Mum?” Jenni asked.

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