My Brother's Best Friend *completed*

Jenni Tomlinson is, of course, Louis Tomlinson's little sister. They have been living alone for 3 years since their parents' death. Harry and Jenni are dating, but what happens when Louis finds out? Read 'My Brother's Best Friend' to find out more!


2. Chapter 2

I decided to call Rylie.

“Hello?” Rylie answered.

“Hey! Louis just left to go to the studio, and I was wondering if you wanted to come over…” I said.

“Sure! Be there in a few!” she said then hung up.

The doorbell rang.

“Hey Rylie!” I said, opening the door.

“Hey Jenni!” She said, and walked inside.

“So, how are things with you and Liam?” I asked.

“Good! What about you and Harry?” she asked.

“Great! But Louis found out…” I said.

“Really? How?” Rylie asked.

“Well… he went to Eleanor’s and I thought he would be gone for a while… and Harry came over. Louis came in right as we were kissing….”

“How did he take things?”

“Louis said he would give him a chance… but Harry said he had to go and left. So I don’t know how he feels about it…”

“Wow… I thought he would take it harder than that!” Rylie said, shocked.

“Me too!” I said, agreeing.

The door opened.

“Jenni?” a familiar male voice asked.

“Harry?” Jenni asked.

“Hey babe! I’m sorry for running out earlier…” Harry said.

“It’s fine! But why are you not at the studio? Louis left about an hour ago…” I said, suspicious.

“I just left the studio… Louis is on his way here. He went to go get Eleanor…” Harry said.

“Oh...” I said.

Liam, Zayn, and Niall walked in.

“Hey boys!” I yelled.

“Hey Jenni!” Niall said.

“Hey Rylie!” Zayn said, walking to her.

Zayn, Rylie, and I  have been friends since high school.

“Zaynie!” Rylie said, and hugged him.

“You are the only one can call me that!” Zayn laughed.

“What about Perrie?” I asked.

“She usually doesn’t call me that…” Zayn said.

Louis and Eleanor walked in.

“Hey El!” I said.

Louis cleared his throat, “I have something to say…”

He got down on one knee.

Eleanor gasped.

“El, I have been waiting to ask you this… I love you, with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Will you marry me?” Louis asked, tears forming in his eyes.

“Yes! A million times yes!” Eleanor said.

“Two boys down, three to go!” Jenni said, and winked at Rylie.

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