My Brother's Best Friend *completed*

Jenni Tomlinson is, of course, Louis Tomlinson's little sister. They have been living alone for 3 years since their parents' death. Harry and Jenni are dating, but what happens when Louis finds out? Read 'My Brother's Best Friend' to find out more!


21. Chapter 19

Niall’s POV

“Harry? How hard was it to ask Jenni to marry you?” I asked.

“Well, I was a little nervous, but once you get down on one knee, you feel a lot more confident!” Harry said.

“Thanks bro… I’ve been preparing for something…” I said.

Summer walked downstairs.

“Summer, I need to ask you something…” I said, nervously.

“What is it, Niall?” she asked. I got down on one knee.

“Um…Will you marry me?” I asked.

“Yes! Of course, Nialler!” Summer said.

Rylie’s POV

“Liam? Why did you get so mad about Zayn and me talking?” I asked.

“I don’t know… I mean, I guess I just feel like you could find a guy better than me…” Liam said, sitting up in the bed.

“Li, no one is any more perfect than you…” I said.

“You have to tell you that…” Liam said.

“I don’t have to…I wanted to…”

My phone started ringing.

“Hey Max!” I answered.

“Hey Rylie! I heard that you were pregnant so I wanted to call you to see if you needed anything!” Max said.

“I’m good right now… but thanks for asking!” I said.

“Well, I have to go… Bye!” he said, then hung up.

“Who was that?” Liam asked.

“Max…” I said.

“From the Wanted?” he asked.


“I don’t want you talking to him!”

“Liam, we are just friends! Nothing else!”
“He’s nothing but trouble! I don’t want you to get hurt!”

“If he hurts me, you can do something!”

“Whatever!” Liam said, and walked out of the room.

Jenni’s POV

I opened the door to see Hunter.

“Hey Jen. I wanted to tell you that…I’m sorry for spying on you…It was a really bitchy thing to do…” Hunter said.

I gave him a hug.

“Jenni?” Harry asked, “Wait… Hunter?”

“Harry, it’s not what it looks like!” I said.

“No! That’s enough!” Harry said, “Every time I turn around you are with him!”

“Fine! If that’s how it’s going to be, Ashlyn and I are leaving, since you don’t believe me!” I said, crying.

I ran upstairs and packed some things. Harry walked upstairs.

“Jen? I’m sorry for what I did! I need you here with me… I love you!” Harry said, and we kissed.

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