Not Happily Ever After ( Interference 2)

This is the 2 book to Interference!!!!!It is not going to be happily ever after for some people.


11. Chapter 6

~ 5 months later ~

Iris's POV

I looked over at Niall and he was asleep. I left the song on and I wrote the note. I put them on the table. Then I grabbed all my stuff and left. Where he will never find me.

(Open a new tab and turn on Goodbye by Avril Lavigne it goes with the rest of the book.)

Niall's POV

I woke up and I noticed Iris wasn't there. I got up and her stuff wasn't there. I went down stairs and there was a note. It said ' Niall turn on the song in the CD player'.  I did and the song Goodbye by Avril Lavigne came on. I read the rest of the note. ' Niall I love you so much but I have to leave you. I don't mean to hurt you but I have to go. I left early while you were sleeping. I will miss you. I will love you forever. - Iris'. When the song ended I called Harry. When Harry got to my place he said " There was no sign of her". But I will love her forever.


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