Not Happily Ever After ( Interference 2)

This is the 2 book to Interference!!!!!It is not going to be happily ever after for some people.


10. Chapter 5

Iris's POV

Harry and Niall went to make popcorn. While Liam set up the movie. Liam was having trouble. Liam said "Iris go get Niall". I went to the kitchen and told Niall. " Harry go help Liam" Niall said not looking away from what he was doing. I went to leave but Niall said " Wait Iris". "What?" I said. "I wanted to say I am sorry about the break I should have believed" Niall said. "Well I don't blame you considering we had just met the day before." I said. "No I really am sorry" Niall said. Then Niall kissed me. I kissed back. We pulled away. The popcorn finished and Niall got it out. Then we went to the living room. We watched the movie. By the end of the movie Harry and Eva were sitting next to each other on the floor. Zayn and Liam sat next to each other on the floor. Louis and Erin were sitting on the love seats next to the couch. Niall and I were sitting on the couch. Everybody had left execpt me. I told Niall "I am going home". "Wait can you stay the night?" Niall asked. "Niall I don't have any clothes" I said. "You can go get some and come back" Niall said. "Whatever" I said. I went to the door "I will be back". I got my clothes and went back to Niall's. We goofed off then at 11 we went to sleep. When I woke up Niall was looking at me. "Niall I am going to take a shower" I said. "Ok" Niall said. I got in the shower and started to wash up. Then I felt arms around me. I looked behind me and Niall was there. We started to goof off. After a little while we got out. We got dressed and decided to make cookies. Then we ended up dumping flour, cracking eggs, dumping sugar, and pouring milk on each other. We washed up and then I went home.

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