Not Happily Ever After ( Interference 2)

This is the 2 book to Interference!!!!!It is not going to be happily ever after for some people.


8. Chapter 4

Iris's POV

" It is 5 do you want to go grab something to eat?" Harry asked. "Sure what time do we have to be at the movie night?" I asked. "7" Harry said. "Can we go by my place before dinner?" I asked. "Yeah" Harry said. We started to walk it was quiet the whole walk there. When we got to my place I said "You can come in". " You can come up with me to my room but you will have to stand outside the door" I said. "Ok" he said. I went to my room grabbed a light purple shirt and dark skinny jeans. I put them on. then I brushed my hair. I was locked in that room for a day. I grabbed my Iphone and left with Harry following. When we got to the door Harry stopped me. I turned around and Harry's lips met mine. He wrapped his arms around my waist. My arms were around his neck. We pulled away " We should go" I said.

~ time for movie night ~

Iris's POV

Harry knocked on the door and about 5 seconds later Niall answered the door. "Um hi Iris" he said. Harry gave me a slight push. I went inside and followed Harry to the living room. Everybody looked at me once I entered the living room. "This is Iris guys" Harry introduced me. "Hi" I said. Then a boy and a girl walked up to me. The boy said " Hi I am Louis and this girl right here is Erin my girlfriend". "Hi" she said. She had blue eyes and blonde hair. I noticed some pink highlights in hair. Then 2 boys came up to me. One said " Hi I am Liam and this boy here is Zayn". "Hi" Zayn said. Then Niall came up to me with a pretty girl next to him. " This is my friend Eva she is just a friend though" Niall said. Eva said "Hi". Eva has red hair and brown eyes.

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