Don't say good bye

Niall is just having another day. What happens when he gets into a car accident on his way to a friends house? Will he be okay or will the boys have to say good bye? Read it to find out.


11. Sleep over with Harry

Louis's pov:

I walked into the room  were Niall layed down. I couldn't bare to look at him like this so I just focused on the ground instead. I could tell he was awake because I Heard him say, "Louis is that you?" I started to cry but I managed to say, "Yes Niall's its me. I'm so glad that you are doing okay now." He gave me a very week smile and said, "How are you and the lads doing? Hey Louis are they hear? I wan to say hi to them before I have to go." I looked at him with a very confused face and said, "Have to go what do you mean have to go Niall?" He smiled at me again and said, "You'll know when the time comes for you to go too." I looked at him weirdly then said okay well im going to go so that the other lads can talk to you."


Harry's pov:

I was so scared and nervous every one had stopped in and said what they had to say to niall. Even the girls stopped in to talk to him. Now it was my turn to go in their and face him one on one. I mean with the lads or the girls by my side It's so easy to talk to niall. When I have to do it by myself the only thing that goes threw my mind is the fact that im the reason he's here in the first place.

I took a deep breath then put on a big smile and walked threw the door. Niall was sitting up in bed looking better all ready. He had a big smile on his face and he sorta looked like his old self. He could tell that something was wrong, "Harry what's wrong? You look sad." I could tell that he was doing his best to act like he wasn't in pain when I could see in his eyes that every movement hurt him a lot.

I couldn't tell him what was on my mind so I lied to him and said, "Nothing Niall im fine I just really miss you and im worried about you is all."  He stared me in the eyes looking for something. What it was im not sure. Then he pulled his eyes from mine.  He asked me now looking down at the ground, "Um...Harry... Can.... You... Stay... Here ... To night with me?" I could tell he was scared and confused and he really needed me right now.


I looked up at him and saw that he was crying a little bit. You know what I did. I walked over to him and gently lifted his chin up so his eyes wore looking into mine. I couldn't help but notice that his eyes looked grey and life less. Instead of blue and full of life. I wiped away the tears from his eyes and said, "Yes Niall of course ill stay to night. Well have a sleep over just like old times."


That must have made Niall feel better. He was back to his old jolly slef. Then the last words he said before shutting his eyes and falling asleep was, "Harry when I get better do you promise that you me and the rest of the lads will go to your house and sit out side around the camp fire just like we did in the X-Factors? You know relive those amazing memories well always keep." I smiled and said to him. "Yes, Niall well do that just for you. I promise." Then  I went out side the room told the lads I was sleeping over and said good night. Then I went back to niall and went to sleep.


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