Don't say good bye

Niall is just having another day. What happens when he gets into a car accident on his way to a friends house? Will he be okay or will the boys have to say good bye? Read it to find out.


4. Seeing Niall for the first time

Liam's pov:

We wore all in the waiting room with the girls now. I saw the nurse come out of his room and walk up to us. She said that we could go and see him now. I just nodded and then turned to the others I said, "Guys I think that it would be best if we went in one by one. You know in case he wakes up he won't be over whelmed." They all nodded at me and then I said, "Okay guys who wants to go see him first."

They all pointed at me. I was kind of shocked but I said, "Okay then." after walking into his room. When I saw him fro the first time after the accident I had tears in my eyes. He had so may things hooked up to him. He was pretty banged up to. I walked up to him with tears in my eyes started to talk to him. I said, "Hey Niall it's Liam your best friend."  I thought I saw him smile so I went on. I said, "We all hope that you get better soon and come home as your self Niall you got that?! You can't die on us, Not yet. Were not ready to say good bye to you." I didn't know if he could hear me but it felt good to talk to him again.

I walked out of the room with tears in my eyes after saying good bye for now and hugging him followed by a kiss on the four head. Then I sat down and started to cry. I looked up to see who would go in next it was Niall's girl friend Haley. I hope she would be better then I was.

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