Don't say good bye

Niall is just having another day. What happens when he gets into a car accident on his way to a friends house? Will he be okay or will the boys have to say good bye? Read it to find out.


16. Moving on is easy Saying good bye to the person you love is not

Liam's pov:

I swear every day that I woke up and got dressed got harder and harder every day. I was so used to getting up and smelling niall cooking down stairs with big smile on his face. When we had to go and record songs it wasn't the same. We need him their with us to sing. Every one kept saying well just cause Niall is gone that doesn't mean you guys aren't One Direction any more! You can move on and for get about him. I would just say with tears going down my face, " You can move on and forget him because you never took the time to get to know him. You never grew as close to him as I did. Their is no One Direction any more with out him.  To have One Direction you have to have all of us were a family and family's stick to greather. The only reason that were keeping this band going as best as we can I really because its the only way we feel close to Niall."


Harry's pov:

I think to my self every day: If only I didn't text him that night well he was driving he would have never had the accident. He would still be here with us today. No matter what people tell you Harold. His death will always be your fault and you know it. It was the truth his death was and still is to this day my fault. We can no longer see his shinning smile and bright blue eyes that always brighten up your mood. His personality wow that's gonna be hard to forge that's for sure. I miss hearing his voice so much that half the time I find my self calling his cell hoping hell pic up and tell me I was dreaming and that he's made at me for waking him up so late at night. Then I get this voic email which as close now that you can get to hear his voice and his laugh. Hey guys it's Niall Horan here! I cant get to the phone right now so leave a message after the beep! Thanks guys rock on! * Liam talking in the bat man* *Phone being moved* "Hey guys its Liam really fast here. I just wanted you all to know... That.... I'M BAT MAN!!!" *Niall laughing like crazy in back round*  If you ask me that's the best voice mail to rember him by.



Louis's pov:

He was such a nice sweet guy. I still to  this day don't think that it was fare for him to go threw that. It brakes my heart it really does to know he's gone. Yet it also warms my heart to know that. I know that he is in a better pace watching over us. He no longer has to suffer living this life anymore. That's all I can really think say about him.


Zayn's pov:


Before I tell you about how much I miss him I thought that for those of you who don't know or have never meat Niall Horan. Well I felt you should know what he looked like in my point of view.

*Description Of Niall horan*

He had blond hair

Blue eyes

Loved his fans

Loved music

He was Irish

Had good spirit in him

Great sportsmanship

Had and still has a loving caring family that miss him a lot

He was like a younger brother to all of us

Never the type to give up or to be negative

Had a great smile and sen of humor

After listing all that about him just reminded me of how ill never be able to see any that again,

:'~( So I have to say right now is Niall if you really are up their and watching over the lads and me like Louis's says you are.... Well then I want you to know... WE ALL MISS YOU SO MUCH! ALSO NIALL I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! So yea that's all I have to say about Niall.

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