Don't say good bye

Niall is just having another day. What happens when he gets into a car accident on his way to a friends house? Will he be okay or will the boys have to say good bye? Read it to find out.


15. keeping my promise

Authors pov:

So that's what they did. They all went to Harry's house that night after burring Niall and saying their last good byes. They headed to Harry's and went out side and made a bonfire. They spent that night laughing and having a good time well drinking hot coco even thew it wasn't that cold out side.

They talked about X`-Factors and becoming a band for the first time ever. They talked about Meeting Niall for the first time and what their first impression of him was. Then they would cry as they thought about how what happened should not have happened to him. They talked about how Niall had that. They had a great time doing it and so did Niall  who silently sat besid harry and made him laugh.

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