Don't say good bye

Niall is just having another day. What happens when he gets into a car accident on his way to a friends house? Will he be okay or will the boys have to say good bye? Read it to find out.


6. It's all your fault

Harry's pov:

I was standing their pacing back and forth. I still can't believe that I'm the reason Niall is stuck here. I started to think about what I would tell the lads. I can't tell them the truth they all be mad at me! Even Niall will hate me! I thought it over again. If I tell the truth they'll be mad but not hate me. If I lye to they will be mad and hate me. It was then I decided to the them it was my fault. Just maybe not right now. I looked over to see Haley crying. I walked over to her and said, "Are you okay?"


Haley's pov:

I was siting down crying my eyes out over what I just saw. I felt some one tap my shoulder. I looked up with teary eyes to see Harry looking down at me. He seamed worried. I heard him say, "Are you okay?" I wiped my tears and smiled at him. I said, "I am now." He smiled back at me for awhile. Then it faded, I wonder why? He cleared his throught and said, "Um Haley if you don't mind me asking. What happendin their?" My face grew very pale. I guess that he saw that. He started to yell something. I think he was calling Louis or someone. I don't know what or who he was saying. All I knew is everything grew black, I felt my self falling but then someone caught me.

I wanted to believe that it was my Nialler.  I think I heard my self  saying, "Nialler baby is that you?" I was smiling now. I heard some one els, "Yes, baby its me." I opened my eyes up to see niall siting in a wheel chair. I looked him in the eyes as he took my hand. I said, "Niall baby is that you?" He shook his head yes. I sat up and looked around me. I was still in the hospital but now I was on the bench. My head had been on Louis's lap. I asked with a shaky voice, " W- W-what Happened to me?"


Harry walked up to me. He looked me in the eyes. I could that deep in his eyes was regret and srow. He said to me, " I asked you what had happened in the room when you went to go see Niall. You got really pale so I tried to take your hand and lead you to the bench so you could sit down and breath. You started to scream and hit me saying don't touch me! I got really scared Haley." I looked at him and then said, "Then who caught me when I fell?"

I looked around at all of them waiting for one of them to raise their hands. Then I saw Niall's face turn bright red. He raised his hand and said, "Um... that would be me." I was so shocked. I said to him, "How?" He looked at me for along while. Staring at me with those big blue eyes of his. Then with deep Irish accent he said, " Well I saw you falling so I leaped out of my chair and caught you. I was lying on the ground after that just holding you in my arms. I was afraid you went into a comma. Then I heard you asking if it was me so answered back yes." I had no other questions for him. I was just so happy that he was okay.

Only when i ran to huged him again i notice that the boys where all looking at me funny. "Hayle what are you doing?" Zayn asked me looking confused and wortied. I looked at him and the lads. "What does it look like im hugging niall." I pointed to him and saw i was hugging louis. "Omg where did niall go!!!" Louis sat down trying to get me to breath. "Hayle i think you hit your head a to hard because your saying that you see niall but hes in the hosptial room still in a coma." I started to cry again. "Nialls in a coma?"


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