Don't say good bye

Niall is just having another day. What happens when he gets into a car accident on his way to a friends house? Will he be okay or will the boys have to say good bye? Read it to find out.


5. Faling apart at the seems

Haley's pov:

It was my turn now to go in and talk to him. I took a deep breath and walked in the room. My breath stopped short when I saw him lying in bed with his eyes open. I ran up to him screaming, "NIALL YOUR OKAY!!!!" When I got their he smiled at me. I hugged him and then said, "Niall, Babe are you okay? How do feel?" Just before he could answer his heart monitor whent off. I started crying as the nurse followed by 5 other doctors that wore trying to save him and bring him back to us.


I ran out and into Louis's arms I was crying even harder now. Louis looked at me and said, "Haley what's wrong?" I  just said the only thing I could get out. I said, "Niall's dying." Every one whent silent after that. We all stood out side of his room praying that he would be okay. I couldn't believe that I had caused niall to do that. I also can't believe that I broke my promise to my self.


Last night I had told myself that the moment that I saw Niall I would stay strong for him and not fall apart. What did I  do I fell apart at the seems. I was pulled out of my thoughts to the sound of Harry's pacing back and forth. I couldn't help but feel like Harry was keeping a screat form all of us. I wonder what it was?

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