In my dreams...

After Justin finished school, he drove home in his car and suddenly the world went black. As the world carried on while he's was lying on a hospital bed in a coma. Nobody knew what he was thinking and dreaming about. Except for him...


2. the hospital x

Patties POV: "Oh my god, I cant believe this has happened. Why does it always happen to us!" My mouth dropped open as I saw my son, my only son I have left, attached to so many machines and medical equipment. Asleep. I couldn't help myself, I burst into tears, I couldn't stop myself after everything I have been through. First Jaxon, then Jazzy, and now this. "Mrs Mallette?" one of the nurses walked in. "Yes?" I replied, still weeping silently. "Your son, is in a coma and we have done tests on him to see how long he will be in this condition for, we have some bad news for you." the doctor seemed scared to tell me. "W-What is it?" I answered back, taking a quick glance at my son. "Justin will be in a come for at least a year approximately but we don't know that for sure." That was when it hit me. How can I live with this. I broke down into tears, uncontrollable tears.
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