Homeless Love (Harry Styles)

Karma is a bitch, but I deserve every single of it. I need to feel the pain I caused on the boy I truly loved. I loved him, still do, but why did I hurt him?

Because I was a selfish bitch.

If getting raped 3 times, getting kidnapped, being homeless in the street of London isn't enough then I don't know what it is. I have no one, if only I had him.

If only...


5. Chapter FOUR

I know its really short, sorry..


Today is the day, the day where everything falls apart. Yesterday, I didn't get one second of sleep, I spend it crying my eyes out. I even made Harry wake up but he didn't notice my tears because of the dark. I know you are probably thinking why don't I call off the bet, but you won't understand how it feels to be in my shoes.

"Are you ready?" Ashley asked.

I looked at my promise ring and slowly kiss it. I nod my head even though I was screaming no inside. I sigh pulling my brave face on. We both walked into the cafeteria with Ashley hot on my heels, suddenly my shoes looked interesting.

"Here he is, go on!" She pushed me towards Harry, making me nearly trip on my own feet. I glare at her and she innocently smiled.

I walk towards Harry, he looked up and a smile stretch on his face. Oh, how I will miss his smile, his smile turned into a frown when he saw my expressing. I took a deep breath here goes everything. I climb on the table where Harry sat, my heart was clutching making me nearly cry. I hope after this he will forgive me.. hopefully we will still be together? Who am I kidding, he will never forgive me, I wouldn't either.


I know short, but it was more like a sneak peak..I guess?

I don't know when I will update, school just start and its agh. Then Friday Im going to watch THIS IS US!(OMG!! AHHH!) with my sister who hates them (hehe) then I am going to my parent's house, me and my sister we live together :) yeah.. maybe Saturday or sunday...



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