Homeless Love (Harry Styles)

Karma is a bitch, but I deserve every single of it. I need to feel the pain I caused on the boy I truly loved. I loved him, still do, but why did I hurt him?

Because I was a selfish bitch.

If getting raped 3 times, getting kidnapped, being homeless in the street of London isn't enough then I don't know what it is. I have no one, if only I had him.

If only...


6. Chapter FIVE

Today is the day, the day where everything falls. Yesterday I didn't get 1 second of sleep, I spend it crying my eyes out. I even made Harry wake up but thank god he didn't notice my tears. I know you are probably thinking why don't I call off the bet? But you won't understand how it feels to be in my shoes.

"Are you ready?" Ashley asked.

I looked down at my promise ring and softly kiss it. I nod my head even though inside I was screaming no. I sigh pulling a brave face, I walk into the cafeteria with Ashley hot on my heels. My head was hung low when I spotted him.

"There he is, go on." She pushed towards Harry making me nearly trip on my own feet. I glare at her and she innocently smiled.

I walk towards Harry, he looked up and saw me a grin stretch on his face. Oh how I will miss his smile, it soon turned into a frown when he saw me expressing. I took a breath, here goes everything. I climb on the table where Harry was seated, my heart was clutching making me nearly cry. I hope after this he will forgive me...hopefully we will still be together? Who am I kidding? He will never forgive me, I won't either.

"PEOPLE!" I scream, earning stares.

"OKAY! SO AS YOU KNOW I AM- WAIT WAS DATING HAROLD THE NERD AND SOME OF YOU KNOW IT WAS ALL A BET!" Multiply gasp filled the room, I am so scared to look down at Harry.

"YEP! IT WAS ALL A BET FOR 200$! AND GUESS WHAT? I WOOON!" Now cheers were replaced with gasps.

I heard some sniffles down, nonononono, Harry, please don't cry. A tear filled my eye but I quickly hide it, I felt someone moving beside me and I knew it was Harry. He got up and ran towards the exit, a thousands of mean comments were thrown at him. A tear slide down my cheek, before exiting he turned around and look at me with eyes full of tears, sadness, anger, hurt. I quickly looked down and wipe my tear.


That's it for today, I know short, but I promise tomorrow's update will be really long. And the flashbacks are over so starting from the next chapter it will be the present.

I SAW THIS IS US!!! it was wow! I was crying the whole time, and the when Trisha talks to Zayn & the auditions,me & another girl we were both full sobbing at that part. My mum looked at me like im crazy. OH GOD I DIED WHEN THEY SAW THE BOYS SHIRTLESS, I SWEAR EVERY GIRL STARTED TO SCREAM INCLUDING ME :D

hehe, buut It was awesome!


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