Homeless Love (Harry Styles)

Karma is a bitch, but I deserve every single of it. I need to feel the pain I caused on the boy I truly loved. I loved him, still do, but why did I hurt him?

Because I was a selfish bitch.

If getting raped 3 times, getting kidnapped, being homeless in the street of London isn't enough then I don't know what it is. I have no one, if only I had him.

If only...


14. Chapter ELEVEN...kinda

"Shit." I curse when I realise I got to the opposite part of downtown, the dangerous one.

I didn't realise where I was walking until I heard police's siren. This is the place where I got raped, just thinking about it makes me want to throw up and cry. I turned to left and started to walk, hopefully to return back to 'my street'. I immediately froze when I saw a drunk man walking in my direction, my eyes widen in fear and I furiously look to my left and right trying to find an escape. I could hear his heavy boot's sound getting louder and clearer, I push my feet and started to run as fast as I can.

"Hey! Wait up!" His deep and rough voice called.

My breath got heavier and I use all my strength to run as fast as I can. I know I won't get away from him, I am too weak compare to him. It already happened 3 times, so how many chances are there it won't happen again? My legs started to give up and the boot's sound got more clear like before, until I felt a rough, dirty hand wrap around my wrist making me stop.

"Now, now. Where do you think you're going, love?" He bitterly asked, tightening his grip making me yelp.

"Please." I whisper with a tear rolling down my cheek.

"Shh, baby. You will love it."

He turned me around and push me against a wall behind us. I started to scream for help but he put his dirty hand on my mouth and started to rip all my clothes. He started to touch me in different places making me yelp and cry more, his fingers were deeply burning into my skin. I am sure there will be multiplies of bruises around my body. I could myself getting more and more weaker.

"Please." I whisper before falling unconscious.



I just wrote this and decide to update, yeaaah :)



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