Homeless Love (Harry Styles)

Karma is a bitch, but I deserve every single of it. I need to feel the pain I caused on the boy I truly loved. I loved him, still do, but why did I hurt him?

Because I was a selfish bitch.

If getting raped 3 times, getting kidnapped, being homeless in the street of London isn't enough then I don't know what it is. I have no one, if only I had him.

If only...


10. Chapter EIGHT



why do we say 'fry' day if we don't even 'fry' on Friday? 0_o

Its Friday friday gotta get down on Friday... okay to the story(to the window to the wall!)



I got up taking the cup in my hand, I throw it in the garbage and follow the others who were chatting while going outside. Still no words from Harry, I don't blame him. If I was him, I would probably won't talk either, how can you. When there's a girl, with who you fell in love with, with who you wanted to spend the rest of you're life and then out of nowhere she hurts you, break you and after years you meet her again, how will you act? I really do feel horrible for what I did, it was awful and no one deserves it.

I don't want to get too attached to them because after this wonderful time, I have to go back to my life, being homeless.


We got to a blank Ranger Rover, oh god, my dreamy car. Louis opened the car, he sat in the driver seat, El next to him, me in the middle of Niall & Harry. It's been ages since I sat in the car, I felt kind of dirty in this expensive vehicle. It was an awkward silent, well for me and I think for Harry too, except the radio playing in the background. Louis & El were looking at the road, Niall is on his phone, Harry is looking outside and me I am looking down.

"So, where do you want to go, Heidi?" Louis ask while looking at me from the reflecting mirror.

"E-Eh, I don't mind."

"We don't mind either, so chose."

"Fine." I sigh. "How about McD's?"

"See, it wasn't that hard now, was it?" He smiled.

I roll my eyes but couldn't help a smile coming on my face.

"Oh Lou. Leave the poor girl alone." Eleanor said, slapping his arms.

I looked down with a smile and started to trace my tattoo with my finger. They are so cute.


We stopped in front of McDonalds, how I missed you baby! We got out of the car. Me & El in front, the boys behind.

"Do you know Harry?" El asked linking her arm with mine.

"E-eum." Should I tell her? "We were together, in high school." I reply, it is true, okay I half lied.

"Oh, okay." She looked unsure but shrug it off.

We walked together, the boys were behind chatting. I got in and a mouth watering smell hit me.

"Why don't you, Noelle & Harry go find a table? Me and El we'll bring the food." Louis asked.

"Sure." Niall reply.

I nod my head while unlacing my arm with El & Harry stayed normal. I don't know if he doesn't want to talk to me or he doesn't normally the one who talks. Niall took my hand and pull me towards a seat, window on to be specific.

"You two sit her, I want to pee." Niall gushed running off, I lightly laugh and took a seat next to the window so I have a perfect (Oh god, I was going to write pervert -.-) view. Harry sat opposite of me, but not in front. Talk about awkward. Okay, this silent is killing me, I think I will have to make the first move then.

"S-So, how y-you've be-been?" I asked awkwardly while biting my lower lip and looking down at my lap.


Wow, is that his voice? It's so deep. I didn't though he will reply, well at least he talked even though it was a small respond it is good than silent.

"T-That's great." I nod my head.

Again, silent. I sadly sigh and look out. I've never imagined that's how it will be when I meet him, again. I was expecting some awkward but that's too awkward. So many things to say, but don't know how.

Finally the couple came with trays full of food, making my mouth water. Eleanor sat next to me and Louis next to Harry, so me & Harry were face to face, okay that's totally fine.Eleanor put a tray in front of me.

"That's for you."

I gasp all for me?! There's a 2 big burgers, 2 fries with a huge glass of drink.

"What? All of this?!" I exclaim.

"Yea, now eat." She sternly said, I sigh and started to eat.

"Yum!" I moan follow by laughers except Harry who was staring at me.

I uncomfortably shirt from left to right, putting a fry in my mouth. The taste was wow, ,it's been ages since I've ate a proper fast food meal. Niall finally came and took a seat between Harry & Louis. The couple plus Niall started to talk about a concert while me & Harry were silently eating.


"Thank you, so much. I've never been so grateful." I said drinking my soda completely.

I've just ate the whole meal, it was magically delicious(lucky charms ;). For the first time in years, I am full.

"No problem, love." Louis said giving me a small smile which I no doubt return it.

"I am tired." Eleanor yawned, putting her head on my shoulder.

"We should go, it is getting late." Niall looked at his watch.


I woke up with sun rays hitting my eyes making me wince, I groan snuggling my face farther into the pillow. A peaceful sigh left my mouth when I found a comfy place, wait. I don't have a pillow, my eyes shot up and a thousand of colorful curse got out as I saw sun's bright light. I fist my hand and rub my eyes, helping to get use of the sight. I lift my upper body, so I was resting on my forearm and looked around hopefully to know where I am. No doubt in a white, really expensive looking room, it was clean with just a clothing on the floor in front of the brown wooden door. I heard some voices outside of the door, curiosity got me and I peel myself from the warm sheets. The cold air hit my legs, I looked down at what I was wearing. Of course my undergarment with a grey shirt that came mid thigh. The shirt was cute with a pocket at left with a red heart on with 'LOVER' written on it.

Definitely not mine.

I walk to the door, wrapping my hand on the cold handle, I twisted and a beige coloured corridor appear leading to rooms. I slowly walked to where voices was coming, opening the door I was greeted by a couple pulling away from a kiss. My eyes widen. Harry and another girl? Kissing?


Finally a long update! Sorry for the cliffhanger.


Hey Jude.. The Beatles are the best!

But so are One Direction!

Anyway, I want to know where are you from? And if you saw the boys? I dunno im curious.

Im from Montreal, Canada and yep I saw the boys live! Let me tell you it wasn't easy..

Don't you hate it when you are googling Harry and Taylor comes out of nowhere?

If you read my AN then here's for you.. http://24.media.tumblr.com/5013e9daf02c96ece084fd1e3462c1f3/tumblr_ms11l0jR221rjfc8xo1_400.gif



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